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Connecting Your Integrations

Since Tettra is built for your entire team, it’s crucial to make sure Tettra is connected to the tools your team uses the most. Let’s take some time to set up some common integrations that pack a big punch:

Learning About Integrations


Tettra’s Slack integration streamlines your account sign-in process (SSO), allows you to send page updates to your Slack channels (Channel Notifications), and gives your team an easy way to search for answers directly from your workspace (Slash command). 

When you connect a Slack channel to a Tettra category, any suggestions, new pages, or page updates in that category will post as a notification to that specific Slack Channel. This is a great way to make sure that your team actually sees the knowledge you’re sharing.

tettra slack notification

Ever get asked the same question twice? Yup, that happens a lot. Luckily you use Tettra’s slash command to search for articles by keyword then share the entire content of the page right inside of any Slack channel or DM.

tettra slack slash command share

Learn more about the other useful features of Tettra’s Slack integration

G Suite

Like the Slack integration, we also provide SSO through G-Suite. Once you’ve connected your integration you can reference Google Docs directly from a Tettra page using our shortcut. This is a great way to quickly share links to documents without having to leave Tettra while you’re writing up a page. 

tettra google drive mention

In addition to these features, you can sync your Google Groups with Tettra, which lets you set category permissions and visibility by Google Group rather than per-user.


The GitHub integration is a great resource for your Product and Engineering teams. Using our shortcut, they can quickly link to open issues in your connected repository. When an issue is closed out, the icon will switch from green to red in Tettra. This can be extremely helpful when trying to look over weekly/monthly product work at a glance. 

tettra github mention integration

Setting Up Your Integrations

These integrations (with the exception of Google Groups) can be set up by anyone on your team.

Just navigate to your Team Integrations page, select the integration you’d like to connect, and walk through the step-by-step setup guide. 

navigating team integrations in tettra

For more information, feel free to check out these help center pages:

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