Introducing Org Uncharted

Andy Cook
January 8, 2018
Introducing Org Uncharted

One of our core values at Tettra is to share early and often. Today we’re living that value and giving you a sneak peak at a new project we’re launching soon.

We’d like to introduce you to Org Uncharted: a show about people who empower other people to do their best work.

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What is the purpose of an org chart?

It’s not really to arrange a company in a visual way or to understand how teams are constructed and who reports to who. The real purpose of an org chart is something more. But that purpose almost always gets lost as we go to work each day.

When you’re a leader you face countless obstacles in navigating and building that org chart. Internal politics and broken processes slow things down. Bosses and peers will poke and prod and clutter that path in front of you and your team. Institutional knowledge about the why, the how and the what of the job is tough to find and even tougher to keep up to date. Top-down strategies devolve into the short sighted whims of a few people. Sometimes with good intentions, and sometimes, not so much. And if we’re being completely honest here… being a leader can be a lonely path to walk.

Honestly, the purpose of the org chart seems to be creating all that stress.

And all these factors just get in the way of us understanding and using the org chart for what it’s really for. The same can be said of our jobs as leaders and what those are really for. It’s all about one thing first and foremost… Empowering others to do great work.

Great isn’t about serving some org chart. What is that spiderweb of boxes and lines, if not a team? What is a brand and a business, if not its people? It’s all about helping every single person unleash their best, every single day and solving your customer’s problems in better ways.

Every other week, we talk to leaders doing something to help their team and company grow that’s more than simply managing to the org chart, with a few fun and experimental twists thrown in along the way. The show’s hosted by Unthinkable Media’s Jay Acunzo and Season 1 guests include TED speakers, bestselling authors, VCs, big-brand executives, startup founders, and more. We’ll talk to people on the front lines who talk to customers, and leaders dedicating their careers to serving those people. Our guest work in marketing, HR, sales, customer service, engineering, product management, design, and everything else.

With each and every conversation, we’ll focus that guest on the one thing we can’t stop thinking about here at Tettra: how do you empower others to do their very best work.

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It’s time that culture mean more than just fun perks. It’s time to build our careers helping others build theirs. It’s time for Org Uncharted.