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Get your company knowledge base up and running faster with these two improvements to Tettra

Nelson Joyce | August 11, 2016

Building a company knowledge base can be tough. Collecting all the relevant information and wrangling folks to start writing down what they know is an uphill battle.

Once you have everything written down, it can still be tough for your teammates to know what to read when they first get started.

We listened and learned about these problems from talking to all of you and have two new things to share that we think will help: page requests and pins.

Page Requests

You may have noticed a new navigation item in Tettra called “Requests”.

Page requests allow you to, you guessed it, request a new page to be added to your knowledge base. We saw teams hacking their own request lists in Google docs and other places, so we decided to build it right into the app.

Knowing all the questions your team wants answered is challenging. Requests will make that a little easier by letting you or your teammates ask for new Tettra pages. When you see a request you’re the resident expert on, just click the “create page” button on the request to spin up a draft quickly.

coming soon: creating requests from the slash command, assigning requests, notifications.


We like to think we love our Tettra pages all equally, but deep down there are always a few that are more important than others. Pinning allows you to pick the most important pages in each category and “pin” them to the top so they always show up first.

The “Development Environment” page is pinned to the “Engineering category

This can be useful for creating a collection of “read these first” pages. Pins will show up on your dashboard, the category view and and the left sidebar in the page view.

Bonus Update

Wow, thanks for reading all the way down here! Another update we made was to the category page. It now matches the style used on the page view. We think this will improve navigation by listing the other categories along the left sidebar.

You can also quickly see who has access to that category in the right sidebar.

Bonus Update #2

Gosh, you just don’t quit! I also wanted to mention that we welcomed another Tettra teammate into the world this week, Phil O’Connell!

Phil is our brand new Head of Customer success. He’s going to help you all make sure you get the most out of Tettra.

You’ll see him manning our Intercom chat widget. He may even reach out to chat with some questions about how we can make Tettra even better.

Talk soon 🐟🐟🐟