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One year of Tettra

Nelson Joyce | September 26, 2016

It’s hard to believe, but September 28 will mark the one year anniversary of Andy Cook and I starting Tettra. A year ago this Wednesday, we were sitting on my porch in Somerville, MA mulling our options.

We had just left our jobs at HubSpot without a real plan and were trying to decide what was next for us. Should we do consulting? Create a small passive revenue stream with WordPress plugins? Sell all our possessions and live in the woods?

Thankfully we both knew each other well enough to know that our only real option was to dive head first into a new venture. It’s in our nature to take the hardest and most impactful path in front of us, so that’s what we chose.

Anniversaries are a good time for reflection and there’s no greater reflection a founder can do than to than to ask the question “Why does our company exist?”. A year ago we really had no idea. But constant learning and iteration over the past twelve months has given us clarity around what our mission really should be.

Here’s why we started Tettra in the first place