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Our Tech Stack Highlights

Shauni Deshmukh | March 17, 2017

Our codebase celebrated its 1st birthday this week!

We’ve come a long way in that time and more than doubled the engineering team (from 1 to 3 full time engineers). Here are some of the tools and technologies we use every day to keep building the best product we can for our users.

Draft.js & React — We recently rebuilt our text editor from the ground up on top of Draft.js. Building on Draft.js lets us create a smooth, rich editing experience that gets out of the user’s way so they can focus on sharing great content with their team. We also use Babel and Webpack to transpile and bundle up our front-end assets.

Slack — Tettra is built on top of the Slack platform. We use Slack for login and authentication and have built-in notifications and slash commands. Our CEO even wrote an article about it.

PHP/Laravel — Our web application is built on the PHP web framework Laravel. Laravel comes with a ton of great building blocks including an ORM, queuing system, templating framework, and a prebuilt Vagrant box (VM) for local development to get us up and running and keep iterating quickly.

GitHub/Travis/Heroku — We use a combination of GitHub, Travis and Heroku for our continuous integration/deployment process. All pull requests get code-reviewed by a team member and have tests run automatically. Once code is merged to master, Travis runs the build and deploys to our staging environment on Heroku. We use the Heroku pipeline feature to promote staging code to production.

Intercom — At Tettra, everyone talks to customers. We use Intercom to get user feedback directly in the app, resolve bugs and inform our product process every day.

Some of the other technologies we use: SASS, Yarn, Elasticsearch, MySQL, AWS (RDS & S3), Stripe & Segment

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