Simplify Your Business with Zapier Workflows

Kristen Craft
January 8, 2019

Any business founder or leader knows that prioritization can make or break your success. Time and resources are limited, so it’s imperative to spend time on the right things. Focusing on the wrong things, on the other hand, means wasted time at best and failure at worst. As the company scales, it becomes even more important to double down on high-impact work.

When it comes to low-impact work, rote tasks are high on the list. Even when those rote tasks are important, they take time and can sap momentum from elsewhere. In launching our Zapier integration, we hope to eliminate these time-consuming rote tasks. We aspire to help business leaders focus on the initiatives that truly drive the business forward.

Why Streamline Common Tasks with Zapier + Tettra

Most teams perform certain tasks on a regular cadence. This might include weekly standups, monthly planning, or product briefs for each new feature launch. Our new Zapier integration automates these tasks so that you can focus your attention on other things.

For example, our team does a weekly team sync in person, (aka Monday’s “Weekly Wave”,) and we gather our thoughts in advance in a Tettra page. We use Zapier to automatically create a new Tettra page. It’s pre-formatted with the date and with the information framework we like to use. Because Tettra integrates with Slack, we all see a Slack notification on Friday, so that we can gather our thoughts before the Weekly Wave on Monday.

Not only do we save time in creating this page, but we benefit from the reminder to document our work. No one on the team feels burdened with this rote work, and all of us feel aligned around the team’s operating system. We use a similar process with Zapier to build integrations and automate other common workflows.

How to Automate the Tasks You Perform Frequently

Start by identifying the things you do regularly and the tools you use to do them. Here are some examples:

  • Product briefs in GitHub
  • Feature requests tracked in Trello
  • New client onboarding via Google Forms
  • Email campaigns in Mailchimp
  • New automated marketing campaigns in HubSpot
  • New vendor documentation via QuickBooks

Next, think about what you need to document when you perform these tasks. Do you tend to document launch dates? Marketing campaign parameters? Vendor contact info? Ideally, after connecting Tettra with the other tools you use, Zapier will handle a lot of this documentation for you. Your workflows will pull information from these other tools directly into Tettra.

We pre-created some Zapier workflows to get you started, so take a look to see if any of them replicate the tasks you already perform. Spend some time poking around the other popular Zapier integrations to see if there are other ways you can streamline your work. And then kick back and let Zapier handle the routine work for you…or reallocate that time towards growing your awesome business!