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IMGE & Tettra: Agency Employee Onboarding Case Study

IMGE is a digital agency that's growing and hiring fast. They use Tettra to onboard new team members, so they can get in front of clients as quickly as possible.

Alex BoedigheimerIMGE, a full service digital agency based in the Washington, DC area, handles a broad range of projects for their clients, from technical, to marketing-focused, to strategic.

They work with small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, national associations and organizations, and political campaigns/candidates. As the firm has grown, they’ve had to adapt the way they operate.

Alex Boedigheimer, Director of Marketing at IMGE shares context on how their team uses Tettra to accelerate new hire onboarding and ongoing staff training.


IMGE has enjoyed a lot of success of late, growing their client base and their team quickly. They currently have about fifty employees and are bringing on new people all the time. IMGE also employs interns and freelancers, with whom they need to collaborate and share information.

This rapid growth has necessitated a better system for storing and transmitting knowledge. New people need to learn how to do specific tasks, and often, they need to learn how to do new jobs. The faster someone gets up to speed, the more easily they can interact with clients.

Pain Points

IMGE bumped into a two-fold problem as they’ve grown:

  1. Onboarding new people was taking up a lot of time. Given their position as a service organization, every minute they spend on internal process is a minute they can’t spend supporting their clients. They needed to grow more efficient during onboarding, so that more time could be spent with clients. Furthermore, they want to get new team members up to speed quickly, so they can begin doing client work.
  2. In the earlier years, IMGE leveraged Microsoft Office, Dropbox, and Google Drive, to store and share information. This proliferation of tools made it increasingly difficult to share information within the team and for new hires to find answers to questions. Even when they found answers, it wasn’t necessarily clear where to turn for a single source of truth.


IMGE has now moved almost all information onto Tettra, including procedural info (like how to do a certain job,) to tactical, (like how to use a certain piece of software). This choice to use Tettra as the hub has made the onboarding process faster and smoother:

“We have a new hire coming on, and we have the training program in Tettra. All the readings, all the exercises they’re going to do…it’s all in Tettra.”

Since starting to use the software almost a year ago, Tettra has helped speed up the onboarding process. Alex sees a change in how quickly they can onboard people, as well as a reduction in the number of questions they field.

“We sat down and turned everything into a process that is repeatable so we can train faster. As we hire more people and scale up, we can cut down on the time we’re using to teach people by giving them reference points.”

“We want them to rely on Tettra and use Tettra as the primary resource to resolve questions quickly.”

They rely heavily on the Slack integration in order to locate information quickly. When they first moved from Google Docs and Word Doc over to Tettra, Slack was their primary channel for teaching people to navigate the new system.

“We did this whole transformation from the old world to the new world. As we were going through this we soon realized we needed one place where all of our resources, tips, and institutional knowledge could be shared and for us that was Tettra. We then moved everything we could and consolidated it all in Tettra, and the Slack integration was how we communicated across the company about the updated sheets, where they live, and what they’re named.”

Given their use of Slack and Tettra, IMGE is able to move faster than ever. Given their culture of learning, it’s no wonder they’ve made it so seamless for new employees to learn how to do their jobs well and find the information they need to succeed.

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