How Product & Engineering Teams Use Tettra

Product and Engineering teams are the heart of most tech companies. Others in the company need insight in what they’re planning and creating. Consequently, these teams benefit from having a centralized location to document what they’re building, delegate tasks, and keep the rest of the company informed.

Tettra serves as a hub for Product and Engineering teams, integrating with the other tools they commonly use. Use Tettra to house recurring Product meetings, communicate product specs, and automate postmortems. Your team will spend less time documenting these tasks and more time focusing on solutions for the customers you love!

Recurring Standup Meetings

Keeping everyone on task and accountable is the bread and butter of a well functioning product team. Many teams use a recurring check-in meeting or stand-up to keep anything from falling through the cracks. Use Tettra to make these meetings even more efficient. Document progress and blockers in a central place, so no one is caught off-guard

The Zapier integration lets you automate some of the process. You can use it to create a new stand-up meeting page on the same day as (or even the day before) your meeting. Pre-populate it with whatever sections or context you want people to document. Once the page is created, it pushes a notification over to Slack, reminding the team to document their work. This kind of documentation helps ensure that everyone comes prepared, and people can access or review the meeting notes later

Product Specs

Most teams use some kind of product spec to scope their work. These help teams stay on track and understand what needs to be done before a new feature is released. Keeping all related information in one centralized location ensures you ship better features and no one is ever left wondering what needs to be done.

Your documentation gets even simpler with our GitHub integration. Easily search for and reference issues within the page so that they’re easy to access directly from your product spec page in Tettra. You’ll also be able to track the issue status at a glance, since the issue appears red when closed and green when open. Take this one step further with our Zapier integration. Set up a zap to create a page in Tettra whenever new Epics or Issues are created in GitHub.


For most teams, it’s inevitable to suffer from outages or bugs in your product from time to time. During times like these, not only does your team need to resolve the issue, but they need to communicate important information to the rest of the company. Tettra helps empower your team to focus on fixing issues instead of dedicating lots of time to communicating and documenting them.

Help prevent or manage future issues by setting up the Zapier RSS integration for your postmortems. This automated template is created when you close an issue on your status page. This lets your team quickly share critical info in a uniform and consistent way. Make sure you link this section of your account to a Slack channel; whenever a new post mortem is created, Tettra notifies the rest of the company.