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Wistia Integration

Use the Tettra/Wistia integration to embed your videos and channels on a wiki page.

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Wistia houses your most important videos: company-wide updates, recordings of meetings, and step-by-step video support for troubleshooting. Tettra allows you to keep all of these assets in one place.

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Embed your Wistia videos on a page

Stop hunting around for the videos you need. The Tettra/Wistia integration saves you time and helps with verion control. With the Tettra/Wistia integration, your team can embed Wistia videos directly into a Tettra page. This save your team time, rather than hunting around for what they need.

Adding a Wistia video to your Tettra page is as easy as grabbing the video link and adding it to the “Embed” section of the editor menu. Once the video has populated, publish the page and your video is ready to view.

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