Knowledge Management Solutions for High-Performance Teams

image of crabs in front of a knowledge management solution

We believe that with good knowledge management, everyone can do their jobs better. Rather than interrupting one another to ask where a document lives or how to perform a common process, that info sits in a central spot. Whether you’re looking to organize your Google Docs, tap into collective knowledge from Slack, or learn best practices when it comes to knowledge management, we’ve got you covered.

Google Docs Wiki

Make your Google Docs easier to find, view, and reference with Tettra’s Google Docs Integrations. From logging in, to embedding a Google doc, to making an inline reference, our integrations let you take advantage of everything you’ve already written down and documented in Google Drive. Tettra is the hub that makes all of your docs easier to access and share.

Slack Wiki

Integrate your knowledge management system with Slack to make it easier to share documentation with your team. Need to find something fast? You can search your knowledge base directly from Slack. You can even take a conversation and turn it into documentation within your Tettra wiki, all without leaving Slack.

Tettra Use Cases

Different teams manage knowledge in different ways. An engineering team, for example, might prioritize being able to reference or embed a GitHub issue, while a marketing team prefers to embed a Google Doc with a blog post draft. Our use case videos can help you envision the types of information you should document in Tettra, depending on the kind of work you do and the tools you use.