Welcome, Memo Customers! 👋

Memo is shutting down on March 16, 2018.

We’re wishing the entire Memo team the best of luck on their new adventure. We also want to make the transition to a new wiki as easy as possible for existing Memo customers.

💰 We’re offering 50% off any subscription for your first 6 months and free concierge import for existing Memo customers that switch to Tettra

Just sign up for Tettra, let us know you’re a Memo customer, and we’ll apply a 50% discount off any subscription for the first 6 months and import your content.

Tettra vs. Memo Features

Tettra supports all the major features of Memo and a few extra too.

Lightweight WYSIWYG editing
Markdown formatting
Syntax highlighting for code blocks
Emoji support 👍
Embed links with previews
Embed images
Embed files
Permissions & private spaces
Slack integration
Reactions & Page Viewers
People and page mentions
Page Suggestions
Import from Word, Google Docs, Dropbox, Github, Evernote
Encryption at Rest

If there’s a feature you need that you think we’re missing, please contact us to ask if we have it.

Tettra vs. Memo Pricing

You can view our pricing on our pricing page.

Tettra costs less than Memo for teams over 5 people. Our pricing is based on two different tiers: Features and Users.

If you only need the features in a Growing plan, but need more than the 25 users included, you can just purchase another user bundle. You can actually add more users to all our plans without having to upgrade to the next one.

Quick note on users: We only count people on your team who have actually signed up for a Tettra account as a user.

You can compare our pricing plans using this pricing comparison calculator we put together.

How do I get the discount for Memo customers?

We’ll apply the 50% off the first 6 months for you. Just let us know on the in-app chat and we’ll take care of it for you.

Importing Existing Memo Content into Tettra

We can batch import all your existing Memo pages into Tettra using our API for you.

Just export your Memo content as HTML before March 15, 2018 then send it to team@tettra.co after you sign up for a Tettra trial. We’ll set it all up for you to make it easy.

Can I use Tettra for personal notes?

Tettra works best with team sand we only offer team pricing right now. If you want a good personal note taking app we suggest Dropbox Paper.

What is Tettra’s financial state?

We’re proudly profitable. Over 350 teams pay for Tettra and use us as their internal wiki.

We made sure to build a sustainable company by charging our customers fair prices to use our product. That means we can operate indefinitely without being reliant on outside funding because we make more money than we spend every month.

We know it can sometimes be risky or worrisome to work with a startup because they could run out of money or sell early, but you won’t run into that problem ever with us. Our goals as a team are simple. We want to work with great people every day doing what we love, which is building beautiful products for you.