Tettra is an AI-powered knowledge management system for customer support teams

  • Onboard new reps faster with internal documentation
  • Curate important company information and docs
  • Instantly answer questions in Slack with an AI powered bot
  • Keep your knowledge up-to-date and organized with automation
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An award-winning platform. Loved by support teams.

G2 fall 2023 awards

“Tettra allows us to keep everything documented and organized so that we don’t have to worry about spending hours searching for the information.”

– Charlotte F.

★★★★★G2 5-star review

“Our team is scattered all over the place, but Tettra makes sharing our company's internal knowledge and content a piece of cake.”

– Dagny S.

★★★★★G2 5-star review

“Tettra makes knowledge sharing easy by making their experience seamless and easy to use, even if you have never done any documentation before!”

– Neil T

★★★★★G2 5-star review

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Why Choose Tettra For Your Support Team?

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Create your knowledge base quickly with new or existing content

Create new internal documentation with Tettra's simple editor, or link to existing content from Google Docs, Notion, local files, and more to build your knowledge base quickly.

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Quickly answer questions in Slack with Tettra content

When reps ask questions, use our Slack integration to send a new or saved answer. Or ask the Tettra AI bot Kai to get an instant answer. If Kai can't find an answer, it will help you find the right subject matter expert.

screenshot of tettra's internal Q&A feature
screenshot of tettra's knowledge management automation feature

Keep your knowledge base up-to-date with automation

Missing or outdated information makes finding answers impossible. Product experts, knowledge managers, and customer leads can regularly verify the accuracy of important pages, identify knowledge gaps, and approve suggested edits from teammates.

screenshot of tettra's knowledge management automation feature
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Trusted by thousands of teams around the world

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Entire Company

"We needed to find a new knowledge base. Very quickly after launching Tettra, the number of redundant questions decreased. Managers direct people to look in Tettra first, since the answer is there.”

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Support team

“By the time we hired a new person, trying to train her became a nightmare. Having Tettra documentation accessible and up to date is key in reducing resolution times and raising satisfaction.”

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“When we rolled Tettra out, the company took to it like fish to water. They started asking questions, making suggestions, making new articles. Within two weeks, everybody was using it.”

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“Tettra has taken our shared knowledge to the next level. Honestly, I can’t imagine trying to replicate what we’ve done with Tettra in any other way.”

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Jessica Vionas-Singer
Senior Director of Marketing at SmartBug

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your integrations?

Tettra integrates with Slack, MS Teams, Google Drive, Github, and Zapier. Have another integration you’d like to see? Schedule a call and let us know.

How much time does it take to set up Tettra?

Many get started sharing knowledge in minutes! We suggest designating an in-house knowledge manager to help move and import your documents.

What about Google Docs for knowledge management?

Google Docs has no verification, no updates on stale pages, and poor organizational hierarchy. There are no Q&A features and every document is constantly in draft mode!

What about Notion for knowledge management?

Much like Google Docs, Notion is harder to manage and search for information. If everyone collaborates or edits, no one is certain about the answer or what’s up to date.

How does your AI work? Does it give inaccurate information?

AI in Tettra provides answers based on the company documents and information you load into Tettra. Every AI answer will also list a reference page in Tettra. Beyond answers, AI in Tettra includes auto-tagging and an auto-generated FAQ

Who keeps the knowledge base updated?

Much like Google Docs, Notion is harder to manage and search for information. If everyone collaborates or edits, no one is certain about the answer or what’s up to date.

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