Helpful templates to get you started with internal documentation.

Marketing Campaign

A good marketing campaign template helps you document the goals, timeline, and assets you need to run successful marketing initiatives.

Investor Update

Writing a letter to your investors on a regular basis helps them stay informed about what you're working on, why,...

Porter’s Five Forces

Porter's Five Forces is a framework to map a company's competitive position and expose strengths or weaknesses.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis lets you pinpoint the factors that caused a problem, so you can avoid them in the future.

New Hire Checklist

Having a checklist for new hires can make the onboarding process easier for you and them. Document what they need...

Technical Specification

Technical specs help product and engineering teams define what they want to build, why, and how.

Communication Plan

The best teams make a plan for communicating change. Use this communication plan template to help your team.

Status Report

Status reports help your team share progress towards goals and address roadblocks.

4 Ps of Marketing

The 4 Ps of Marketing clarify how a company markets and sells its products or services. This includes an example...


The OKR framework helps teams set goals and measure progress towards them.


The SMART framework helps you set good goals and accomplish more as a team.


Making decisions can be tough. The DACI decision making framework can help.

Simple Strategic Plan

A simple, one page strategic plan to help everyone on your team know what's happening and why.

Product Positioning

Product positioning is what makes your product or service unique. Does your entire organization know yours?


Bad stuff sometimes happens in software. How you learn from postmortems is what really matters.


A battlecard template for sales teams to easily reference competitors while talking to customers.

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