Simple Strategic Plan

A simple, one page strategic plan to help everyone on your team know what's happening and why.

Strategic planning summaries are short documents that outline the goals, positioning, principles, and purpose of an organization. They allow you to make sure all your collective teams are moving in a unified direction.  A good strategic planning document is short and specific. This is not a manifesto for everything about your organization, but rather a short outline.
The reason for a strategic planning page is to make sure everyone in your organization knows what’s in the founder or CEOs head. Often leaders think everyone else knows what they’re thinking, but more often than not there’s gaps in that knowledge. Communication and alignment take a lot of work, and important strategic information should be document in a central place that’s easily accessible to everyone on your team.
Below is an updated Simplified One Page Strategic Plan originally published by David Cummings, founder of Pardot. You can use it to quickly outline the important information everyone in your organization should know and be regularly returning to view.