Courses How To Setup An Internal Knowledge Base [Free Guide] Lesson 7

Inviting Knowledge Holders

By now you’ve learned that documentation is a team sport and requires the help of your team’s knowledge holders. Now it’s finally time to put that to the test.

In this next lesson, we’ll focus on who to invite and how to invite them. 

For this initial round of invites, you’ll want to focus on key knowledge holders before inviting your entire company. This will help set the stage for your internal knowledge base before launching it to the entire team. Think of this as your own personal team of knowledge base MVPs. 

Create a list of knowledge holders

Begin by creating a list of key knowledge holders for each category you’ve connected. These teammates should already have a good idea of the kind of questions they receive on a daily basis about that topic. In other words, they already possess much of the knowledge the rest of your team will find useful.

Pro tip: It’s good practice to write these down on a Tettra page so everyone joining knows who is accountable for each topic. You can use our Knowledge Holder template. Just copy and paste it into your Tettra account.

Invite your knowledge holders

Once you’ve identified your Knowledge Holders, navigate to the Team Members page of your account and click “Invite Teammates”.

Click Settings then Manage Users

Then click invite teammates

invite teammates to tettra flow

For the time being, set these users roles to Editor. This will allow them to make changes to most of the account (except for Billing and other Admin-only features). We’ll cover more about each user role in a further lesson, but rest easy knowing you can change your users’ roles at any time if necessary.

If you’ve already connected your Slack integration, go ahead and click the “Slack team members option” and select each person you’d like to invite. If you’re not using the Slack integration, you can select the “Email contacts” option and add each person by their email address. 

Once you’ve done this, click ‘Next’, select the page, template, or dashboard you’d like your invitees to see when they first sign in, and include an optional personalized message. We recommend using that “Why We’re Trying Tettra” from Lesson 1 page so that your team is all on the same page (literally).

inviting a teammate in tettra modal

Finally, click the ‘Send’ button and you’re ready to start collaborating!

Read more about how to invite teammates here.

Your assignment

  • Invite your knowledge holders

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