Answer repetitive questions and
onboard new teammates faster

Tettra is an AI powered knowledge management system that helps you:

  • Curate company information into an internal knowledge base
  • Instantly answer your team's questions with AI in Slack or our app
  • Save reusable answers and keep them up-to-date with automation

“Tettra has taken our shared knowledge to the next level. Honestly, I can’t imagine trying to replicate what we’ve done with Tettra in any other way.”

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Jessica Vionas-Singer

Senior Director of Marketing at SmartBug

G2 summer 2023 best estimated ORI G2 summer 2023 easiest to use G2 summer 2023 momemtum leader G2 summer 2023 high performer

4.5 star rating4.6 stars on G2

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Internal Knowledge Base

Create your knowledge base quickly with new or existing content

Create new internal documentation with Tettra's simple editor, or use existing content from Google Docs, Notion, local files, and more to build your knowledge base quickly.

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Questions & Answers

Instantly answer questions with AI trained on your knowledge

When a teammate asks a question in Tettra or Slack, Tettra's AI powered bot Kai will search through your content and provide an answer instantly. If Kai can't find an answer, it will help find the right person to answer.

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Knowledge Management

Trusted content your team can find and use

Missing or outdated information makes finding answers impossible. Knowledge automation helps subject matter experts regularly verify the accuracy of important pages, identify knowledge gaps, and approve suggested edits from teammates.

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