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At Tettra, we make software that helps hundreds of teams share knowledge to grow and thrive together.

Our product is primarily used by teams to answer repetitive questions in chat and onboard new hires faster. We use our own product every day to help our own team operate too.

We’re a small, 100% remote company that’s growing our customer base and team quickly. We believe in optimizing for the long-term, which means we operate at a sustainable pace and are financially sustainable.


💸 Competitive salary – Our goal is to hire the best people and compensate them fairly. Our salaries are based on Boston-area rates and we pay the same no matter where you live in the US. We have internally transparent salary bands for each role and update them at least once a year. We also provide equity.

🌎 Work from wherever – We are a results-driven remote team and operate mostly asynchronously. We don’t care where you are or what timezone you’re based in, as long as it’s in the US.

🏖 Flexible vacation – Take time off when you need it. All you need to do is just give the team some notice ahead of time. We recommend 3-4 weeks in addition to public holidays, but there are no firm rules. We trust you to take the time you need to be productive.

🩺 Health, dental, and vision insurance – We cover 100% of you and your family’s insurance, including dependents, on our PPO Blue Cross Blue Shield and Principal policies.

🍼 Paid parental leave, including adoption – 12 weeks of paid leave for all new parents.

💻 New-hire success package – We will buy you a new Mac laptop or equivalent of your choice, and provide you a $750 stipend to spend on whatever you want to improve your work-from-home setup (e.g. a big monitor, a standing desk, high-quality webcam)

🏢 Co-working stipend – We will cover up to $250 USD per month if you want to work from a co-working space.

🧠 Personal development – Up to $500 per year reimbursement to spend on learning to improve your knowledge and craft through our Free Books & Courses program.

🔎 Transparency – We believe that access to information is key to making the best decisions. Therefore, everyone has full access to business metrics and financial information about the company. You’ll know our revenue, goals, growth rates, and cash on hand so there’s no surprises.


  • We are remote – We are a remote company and don’t have an office. We believe in trust and autonomy. Our internal operating system is geared towards asynchronous communication, common goals, and evaluations based on results. It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked remotely before as long as you can ask good questions, collaborate mostly over written communication with others, and hold yourself accountable to get your work done.
  • We are a calm company – We believe in work/life harmony. Our team works a solid 40-hours per week, then we sign off in the evenings and on weekends to do what we enjoy outside of work — like spending time with friends & family, self improvement, or interesting hobbies. We scope our work to only the most important tasks and get those done by not wasting time on pointless status meetings, brainstorming discussions, or projects that aren’t actually important. We can do all this because we are funded by revenue from actual customers and therefore don’t have the pressure to sprint to become a $1B company (or bust.)
  • We use our own product every day – We use our own product to share knowledge and document our processes internally. 
  • We strive to be fair – We work hard to make sure our hiring practices and compensation systems are fair and inclusive to people of all backgrounds.
  • Everyone has a voice – We believe that good ideas can come from anywhere. We hire smart, ambitious people like you because we want to hear your thoughts.
  • We are using our leverage for good – We currently donate 1% of all revenue to help fight climate change through Stripe Climate. We also offer discounted Tettra accounts to qualifying nonprofits to help their teams work more effectively to do more good in the world.

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