How Teams Use Tettra

Our customers come in many different shapes and sizes from software companies to digital agencies to law firms. What they all have in common is that they hate repeating themselves, they value good documentation, and they’re building or using tech to grow their teams. Though we do occasionally support larger and smaller teams, we’ve found a sweet spot with teams 15-150 people in size. Read on for details on how different kinds of teams use Tettra to grow and thrive together. For some firsthand examples, check out our customer case studies.

How Customer-Facing Teams Use Tettra

Common use cases and strategies for using Tettra with your frontline reps.

How Tech Startups Use Tettra

Use cases for tech startups building out company-wide documentation.

How Agencies Use Tettra

How agencies use Tettra to onboard new team members, manage projects, and collaborate with clients.

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