Meet Kai: AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Kai, Tettra’s friendly AI assistant, helps teams better manage, curate, and circulate important company knowledge to streamline operations and eliminate wasted time.

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How Does AI Work in Tettra?


When a team member has a question, they ask Kai in Tettra or Slack. Kai scours existing company documents to provide the answer. No need to bother the subject matter expert. With the newly found information, team members can work uninterrupted.

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If Kai can’t find the answer, or it doesn’t exist, Kai will assist in creating a question in Tettra’s intuitive Q&A system. Kai will assign the question to the proper subject matter expert to answer.
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Once assigned to the subject matter expert, they can answer the question once and only once. The next time the question is asked, Kai will surface it, ensuring your team has accurate, usable information.

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With a knowledge base full of verified, discoverable information, Kai empowers your team to easily find answers using plain language, increasing efficiency and decreasing strain on your subject matter experts.
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How is Kai Different From Other AI-Powered Knowledge Management Systems?

While Tettra is not the only knowledge management software to incorporate artificial intelligence, it is the only KMS to employ this new technology in a way that directly solves the problems stopping companies from having easy access to important knowledge.

Instead of using AI to solve ancillary concerns, such as text or idea generation, Tettra built Kai to plug into your team’s existing workflow.

By enabling knowledge to flow, and flagging areas where information is needed, Kai is not just a flashy add-on — it is a purpose-driven assistant that will soon become an integral part of your team.

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