How Growing Teams Use Tettra

As your company grows, it’s important to have a strong foundation of knowledge. With Tettra, you build your knowledge base with key information to put your company on the right track.

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How Can You Use Tettra?

Create a Single Source of Truth

Inaccurate or missing knowledge causes problems. Use Tettra to build a single source of truth for your company, so your team always knows where to look. With all your information in one place, your team will be able to find the answers they need to do their best work.

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Content Your Team Can Trust

There’s nothing worse for a growing company than operating on incorrect or outdated information. That leads to wasted work and distrust. That’s why Tettra’s knowledge management system ensures pages are up to date and are answering the questions your team needs.
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Integrations to Help Your Team Work Better

Growing teams tend to use multiple software systems as they decide which are best for their long-term success. Tettra was built with this need in mind. Instead of boxing your company into a limited toolset, Tettra integrates with major software systems to help your team thrive.

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Use AI To Answer FAQs

With a knowledge base full of verified, discoverable information, Kai empowers your team to easily find answers using plain language, increasing efficiency and decreasing strain on your account managers or team leads.
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More Features for Growing Teams

Internal Knowledge Base

Give your teams a single source of truth.

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Slack Integration

Answer questions where you work.

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Knowledge Management System

Keep pages up to date with routine checks.

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GSuite Integration

Link all your existing documents in Tettra.

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Full-featured API

Build your own knowledge workflows with our API.

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Tettra’s helpful AI assistant.

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Quickly invite read-only and guest users. Set up private categories.

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Usage analytics

Prove the ROI of your knowledge base with detailed monthly analytics.

Google Groups integration

Sync your Google Groups into Tettra to assign content and questions to groups.

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