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Why Choose Tettra For Internal Knowledge?

AI-Assisted Search for Instant Answers

With our powerful AI-driven search features, you find answers instantly. Need more context? Ask an expert inside of Tettra, and their answer is saved and searchable for later.

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Content Verification

Product experts, knowledge managers, and team leads can verify your content to keep it up-to-date and reliable. Get rid of outdated and stale information causing confusion.
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Find what you need fast

Existing knowledge bases are filled with clutter and junk, making finding what you’re looking for difficult. Since the content in Tettra is clutter free and up-to-date, our search is more effective.

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Create your knowledge base in no time

Stop fighting with clunky editors. Create docs with Tettra’s simple editor, or import or link to existing Google Docs, markdown files, and more to build your knowledge base.
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External Sites for Customers, Partners, and New Employees

Convert a Tettra category into a public, stand-alone site. Share vital information with external users and customers, while maintaining a centralized and cohesive knowledge base. All in the same place.

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4.6 star rating4.6 stars on G2

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