Centralize Your Scattered Company Knowledge

Tettra is a simple knowledge sharing system to seamlessly scale your company

Answer repetitive questions quickly

Decrease the time it takes your team to find answers to their common questions

Centralize and organize all your existing resources

Tettra helps you aggregate all your team’s existing information into a single source of truth. The UI is simple and easy to use for employees who need to access information quickly. Tettra’s organizational structure is optimized for browsing and makes it easy to know when knowledge needs to be added.

Use Tettra’s search functionality to find the answers you need quickly

Tettra’s powerful search functionality delivers relevant search results by indexing titles, headers, and page content. You don’t need to type in an exact match. Find your answer or flag when you can’t find the knowledge you’re looking for in seconds.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Tettra isn’t just another tool to learn. Hook up Slack and GSuite to integrate Tettra into your existing tech stack. These integrations allow you to search for answers and create suggestions directly from Slack, set permissions based on Google Groups, and send Notifications to a dedicated Slack channel so your team doesn’t have to keep checking Tettra.

Grow your internal knowledge base organically and with confidence

Tettra helps you set up a workflow to capture the information you need as you need it.

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Let everyone contribute to documentation and sharing

Get an accurate view of what questions need an answer by letting team members suggest pages and edits to existing information. You can even create a suggestion directly from a message in Slack! With buy-in from the rest of the team, you can make sure you’re adding documentation that’s actually relevant to your front-line employees.

Manage users and set their roles in one place.

Tettra allows everyone to contribute in the way that works best for your team. Choose from Admin, Editor, and Contributor user roles for team members who are writing documentation or managing your account. Use Tettra’s Guest and Read-only user roles for contractors or users who only need read access.

Use content permissions to restrict who has access to what information

With advanced category permissions, you can make sure only the right people have access to your sensitive documentation. Split up your categories by permissions. Create private categories for C-Level or private information and team-only categories for documentation that should be accessible to all.

Start building your internal knowledge base today

Fewer repetitive questions for you and faster answers for your team.

We guarantee you’ll be hooked.

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