Organize your scattered company knowledge

All our Q&A, knowledge management, and knowledge base features

Questions & Answers

Store and reuse answers to repetitive questions

Answer repetitive questions once

Answering the same questions over and over again is a waste of time. With Q&A in Tettra, you can store questions and their answers so your teammates can find answers fast.

Answer questions where they’re being asked

Answering questions in chat all day is exhausting. With Tettra, you can answer questions with existing content with a few clicks right in Slack or MS Teams.

More about our Slack Integration
More about our MS Teams Integration

Trusted answers from experts

Not knowing who to ask a question is frustrating and can lead to incorrect answers. Set knowledge experts in Tettra so the right person can answer questions.

Knowledge management system

Workflows to keep information up-to-date and useful

Content your team can trust

Not knowing if a knowledge base article is up to date is frustrating and leads to distrust. Subject matter experts can verify content on a set schedule with Verification.

Identify knowledge gaps

Missing content decreases the effectiveness of your knowledge base. Your teammates can request new pages or page updates to fill the gaps.

Cleanup content clutter quickly

Page clutter clog up your knowledge base without ongoing maintenance. Content suggestions identifies unowned, stale, and public content for quick cleanup.

Internal knowledge base

Build your knowledge base quickly and easily

Create your knowledge base in no time

Stop fighting with clunky editors. Create content with Tettra's simple editor, or use existing Google Docs, markdown files, and more to build your knowledge base.

Find what you're looking for

Existing knowledge bases are filled with clutter and junk, making finding what you’re looking for difficult. Since the content in Tettra is clutter free and up-to-date, our search is more effective.

Portable knowledge - just in case

Many knowledge bases lock in your content in inflexible formats. You can export your Tettra content to clean HTML at any time for easy back up or migration.

Anything else?

Features built with your team in mind

Usage analytics

Prove the ROI of your knowledge base with detailed monthly analytics.

Google Groups integration

Sync your Google Groups into Tettra to assign content and questions to groups.

Full-featured API

Build your own knowledge workflows with our API.

G Suite integration

Reference and import existing content to build your knowledge base.

Zapier integration

With the Zapier integration, you can automate thousands of manual tasks to save you time.


Quickly invite read-only and guest users. Set up private categories.

Teams of all types use Tettra to organize scattered knowledge

“Tettra has taken our shared knowledge to the next level. Honestly, I can’t imagine trying to replicate what we’ve done with Tettra in any other way.”

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Jessica Vionas-Singer

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