Centralize Your Scattered Company Knowledge

Tettra is a simple knowledge sharing system to seamlessly scale your company

Reference, don’t recreate

Use the information you already have to create your knowledge base

Centralize and organize all your team’s existing resources

Most teams use lots of tools to share information: Google Docs, Dropbox, and GitHub, among others. Tettra helps you aggregate all your team’s existing information into a single source of truth. You can embed Google Drive files, reference Github issues, upload existing files, and more.

Integrate with the tools you’re already using

Your team doesn’t need yet another tool. Hook up Slack and GSuite to Tettra to let your team login with their existing accounts. Use your existing Google Groups to manage your content permissions in Tettra. Send Notifications for newly created or updated pages right into Slack to make sure your team is reading what you’re sharing.

Save time with templates

We want to save you time on routine tasks. Why recreate the wheel every time you onboard a new employee or kickoff a process? Templates can auto-populate a page with the all info you need, which make creating new knowledge a breeze.

Workflows to keep content up to date

Knowledge your team can trust as a single source of truth

Let everyone contribute to documentation and sharing

Sharing knowledge is a team sport. Tettra makes it easy for everyone to get involved with our simple, intuitive page editor. Tettra is open by default but gives you the permissions you need to make sure only the right people have editing rights or can ask a question.

Find out what you need to add or update

Ideally, you’re only documenting the information your team actually needs to know instead of just guessing what they might need. Get an accurate view of what questions need an answer by letting team members suggest pages and edits to existing information.

Automate documentation with integrations

Integrations with other tools make your life easier. Create a workflow for new emails with a certain tag or automatically create new pages for recurring team meetings. Read about our integrations with a Google DocsGitHubDropboxZapier.

Searchable and accessible where your team works

Tettra brings knowledge into the context of conversations

Search that actually works

Tettra’s search is smart. It indexes titles, headers, and the body content of all your pages to make sure your team can find what they need. It even handles typos elegantly by knowing what you meant. Learn more about how search works.

Answer repetitive questions quickly in chat

If you’re like most of us, you probably find yourself answering the same questions all the time in chat tools like Slack. With Tettra, you can privately search for answers, and when you find something you want to share, you can share it to any Slack channel or DM.

Learn what content is most useful for teammates

Get daily updates on how your pages are performing. See how many people view them, react to them, or comment on them. You’ll also see when new pages are created and be reminded of open suggestions.