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How Customer-Facing Teams Use Tettra

Customer facing teams set the tone for how your customers relate to your company. Response time, ability to answer questions confidently, and overall familiarity with your software or service leads to happy customers and better retention. With Tettra as your single source of truth, your team can find answers quickly and respond with confidence.

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Ask a question, find an answer in seconds

Even customer facing teams don’t have all the answers memorized, but your customers don’t have to know that. With Tettra’s smart search functionality and Slack integration, you can find the answer to your question in seconds from wherever you’re working. 

Tettra’s search functionality scans page titles and content to deliver up the most accurate results. Not the greatest speller? Not to worry – we’ve built in typo tolerance to deliver an even better experience. 

Don’t have Tettra open in a tab? Use the tools you already know and love instead! With our Slack integration, you can search for Tettra pages within any channel or direct message. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can open the page directly in Tettra or take a look at it in Slack. No need to waste precious seconds scrambling to find where an answer lives. 

Can’t find an answer? Flag your knowledge gap with a Suggestion!

Over time, you can build out your company knowledge by following the lead of your clients. Instead of cluttering your Tettra account with pages you think might be helpful, build it out organically over time based on what questions your clients typically ask.

If you’re searching for an answer to a customer question and you can’t find it, flag that knowledge gap with a suggestion right in the moment. In a few seconds, you can point out what knowledge is lacking and assign it to the correct knowledge holder. The assignee will be notified of the knowledge gap and can respond with a new page, existing page, or a comment. 

By implementing suggestions into your workflow, you can:

  1. Keep your knowledge base from being populated with unnecessary information
  2. Flag when knowledge is out of date or non-existent
  3. Make sure other teammates don’t ask the same question in the future to reduce the chance of having to disturb a knowledge holder while they’re working
  4. Build confidence in your kb as a single source of truth

Build confidence by guaranteeing your pages are always up to date

The best knowledge bases grow organically over time as your company and client base grows. Set up verification to ensure a document never goes out of date, reducing the likelihood of passing along the wrong information to customers. 

When you create a new page that might be subject to change in the future, just set up a Verification! You can designate how often the page should be verified and see when the page was last updated. When a page is due to be verified, Tettra will notify the page owner so they can take action. A banner will be added to the top of the page when a verification is due, but you can check upcoming verification directly from your Analytics page. 

With verification, your customer facing teams will have the most up-to-date information, boosting confidence in your team and your client base.

Product and Engineering teams are the heart of most tech companies. Others in the company need insight in what they’re planning and creating. Consequently, these teams benefit from having a centralized location to document what they’re building, delegate tasks, and keep the rest of the company informed.

Tettra serves as a hub for Product and Engineering teams, integrating with the other tools they commonly use. Use Tettra to house recurring Product meetings, communicate product specs, and automate postmortems. Your team will spend less time documenting these tasks and more time focusing on solutions for the customers you love!

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