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Fortnox & Tettra: Support Team Case Study

Tettra simplifies the question and answer process for Fortnox. All of the new and relevant information is in one place for all of their agents.

Fortnox, a Sweden-based business platform offering services such as accounting and payroll, found a novel solution to its knowledge management challenges with Tettra. Tobias, a domain expert for tech stack support at Fortnox, shared his experience about the transformation Tettra brought to their operations.

The Challenge

Fortnox’s primary challenge was the inefficiency of their pre-existing knowledge base. Tobias explained, “The pain points that we had before we used Tettra were that our agents couldn’t search efficiently in our prior knowledge base.” This lack of efficiency led to wasted time and resources, and an overall lack of productivity.

The Solution

Tettra, with its user-friendly interface and powerful search capabilities, was the ideal solution for Fortnox’s problem. Tobias praised the platform, saying, “The biggest benefits of working with Tettra, I would say that it’s user friendly, and the search and accuracy, it’s amazing.”

With Tettra as their knowledge base, Fortnox was able to streamline their knowledge base, making it easier for their agents to find and edit information. “With Tettra, it’s always fast and accurate to search for information that we have in our knowledge base. We found that the agents were more efficient, they could find the information easily, and they could also edit the information easily,” Tobias shared.

The Results

The adoption of Tettra has had a significant impact on Fortnox’s operations. The platform has simplified the question and answer process, ensuring that agents always have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information. “Tettra simplifies the question and answer process at Fortnox with always making sure that we have our new information and up-to-date information for the agents, and relevant information gathered in one place and in one platform for all our agents,” Tobias explained.

The experience with Tettra has been so positive that Tobias said, “All our agents are super happy and don’t want to be without Tettra in their daily work.”

“I would absolutely recommend Tettra. It was the right decision from our end, and we are super, super satisfied and happy with having Tettra as a partner,” he continued.

Fortnox’s experience shows the power of Tettra’s knowledge management system. By providing a user-friendly platform with powerful search capabilities, Tettra has helped Fortnox streamline their operations, increase efficiency, and improve overall satisfaction among their customer service agents.