How Agencies Use Tettra

Tettra makes it easy to manage clients and onboard team members. 

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How Can Agencies Use Tettra?

Simple Onboarding

Onboarding new team members can be a problem for advertising and marketing agencies. By keeping all company information in Tettra, your new hires will know where to look when they have questions. This leads to better work and improved results.

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Connected Info

When working with clients, things can get confusing, fast. Avoid spreading out information by using Slack, Google Docs, and external links to popular project management tools like ClickUp or Notion. With everything stored in Tettra, you can keep track of projects in one centralized place.
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Advanced Permissions for Client Collaboration

Having multiple clients can be confusing. Tettra’s advanced permissions and user roles ensure clients are only able to see their pages. This keeps your clients separate and your team organized.

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Use AI To Answer FAQs

With a knowledge base full of verified, discoverable information, Kai empowers your team to easily find answers using plain language, increasing efficiency and decreasing strain on your account managers or team leads.
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More Features for Marketing Agencies

Internal Knowledge Base

Give your teams a single source of truth.

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Slack Integration

Answer questions where you work.

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Knowledge Management System

Keep pages up to date with routine checks.

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Google Workspace Integration

Link all your existing documents in Tettra.

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Tettra’s helpful AI assistant.

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Quickly invite read-only and guest users. Set up private categories.

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Usage analytics

Prove the ROI of your knowledge base with detailed monthly analytics.

Full-featured API

Build your own knowledge workflows with our API.

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