How Customer Service Teams Use Tettra

Empower your customer-facing teams with quick and efficient access to the knowledge they need. It’s time for a single, centralized source of truth for your support teams.

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Improve Knowledge Sharing with Your Support Team

AI-Assisted Search for Instant Answers

Even the most seasoned customer support and sales reps don’t have every answer memorized. (But your customers don’t have to know that.) By asking Tettra’s AI assistant Kai, your team can get answers right away in Tettra or Slack.

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Content Verification

An inaccurate knowledge base is a useless knowledge base. That’s why Tettra’s Verification tool reminds page owners to review their documents. With recurring updates, your team can trust their information is never out of date.
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Searchable Links to Support Resources

Tettra serves as your command center for essential support resources. Link directly to support documentation, help guides, real-time product updates, and much more—all within the Tettra ecosystem.

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External Sites for Customers, Partners, and New Employees

Convert a Tettra category into a public, stand-alone site. Share vital information with external users and customers, while maintaining a centralized and cohesive knowledge base. All in the same place.
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More Features for Customer Support Teams

Internal Knowledge Base

Give your teams a single source of truth.

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Slack Integration

Answer questions where you work.

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Knowledge Management System

Keep pages up to date with routine checks.

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GSuite Integration

Link all your existing documents in Tettra.

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Full-featured API

Build your own knowledge workflows with our API.

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Tettra’s helpful AI assistant.

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Quickly invite read-only and guest users. Set up private categories.

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Usage analytics

Prove the ROI of your knowledge base with detailed monthly analytics.

Google Groups integration

Sync your Google Groups into Tettra to assign content and questions to groups.

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