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Get knowledge management workflows to help you document, keep content it up-to-date, and prune stale content. Use Tettra’s AI assistant to generate content and answer questions, instantly.

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Internal knowledge base 4.6
4.6 stars on G2
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How It Works in Tettra

Content your team can trust

Not knowing if a knowledge base article is accurate is frustrating. Tettra’s Verification ensures experts review your content on a set schedule.
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Identify & fill knowledge gaps

Missing content makes your knowledge base less effective. With Tettra, teammates can request new pages at any time. Additionally, Kai will auto-generate questions and answers from your existing content.

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Clean up cluttered content

Without regular maintenance, page clutter clogs your knowledge base. Instead, identify unowned, stale, and public content and update or remove them.

4.6 star rating4.6 stars on G2

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