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How Marketing Agencies Use Tettra

Tettra reduces context switching for your team, makes onboarding a breeze, and helps you collaborate with your clients seamlessly.

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One of the biggest pain points for advertising and marketing agencies is onboarding new team members. It can often take weeks for agencies to onboard new employees. Not only do you have to invest in helping your new employees understand your own culture, but you also need to make sure they understand each of your client’s cultures and objectives as well.

When you’re working on complex projects, this sort of onboarding can even take months. By aggregating important information and resources in a central place, you help new team members get up to speed faster. Which means they can start adding value to your clients more easily. Check out this case study for more tips on how agencies use Tettra to reduce onboarding times and quickly access their most up-to-date info.

Client Management

Most clients want to know that they’re working with a team that knows their unique needs. Help your employees grow familiar with each client’s culture and objectives. Create folders for each new client, so everyone can access the context they need. When you add new clients or processes, push those notifications over to a Slack channel to make sure everyone on the team is kept up to date.

Marketing Project Management

Whether you’re building a website, writing content, or improving client SEO, good project management techniques will ensure you’re never behind schedule or over budget.

Use our integrations with Google Docs and GitHub to keep track of projects that are underway. You can make an inline reference to your GitHub issues in an organized, user-friendly way. Or if you’re writing content, embed your Google Docs on a Tettra page for easier access.

Client Collaboration with Advanced Permissions

Many agencies use our knowledge management system to coordinate tasks and communicate with clients. Have multiple clients? Not a problem!

With Tettra’s advanced permissioning and user roles, it’s simple to restrict client access to the information that only pertains to them.  

Simply set up a new category for that client, invite them as guest users, and grant them access to their own category. They won’t be able to view any private information outside their category, and you can deactivate them once your project is complete.  While the guest user role can help you restrict client access, it won’t get in the way of your collaboration efforts. Your clients will still be able to share, print, edit, comment on pages, view public categories, and access recent updates from the category they’ve been invited to in the right sidebar. 

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