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How Small Companies & Startups Use Tettra

As your team and company grows, it’s important to create a foundation for your documentation early on. By starting the ground work early, you’ll be able to grow your knowledge base with the help of others, keep it up to date, and flag when there’s a gap in your knowledge.

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Chat integration

Tettra’s Slack, Microsoft Teams, and G Suite integrations help introduce Tettra into your pre-existing workflows seamlessly. You can search your knowledge base directly from MS Teams and Slack with simple commands. This allows you to search for or send documentation to a teammate without ever leaving Slack or Teams. 

G Suite integration

Need to reference a Google doc or sheet on a Tettra page? With our easy to use keyboard shortcuts, you can search for the right asset and link to it directly from a draft within seconds. 

Use Google or Slack SSO for an easy onboarding and quick login experience. Once you’ve connected your integrations, anyone from your Slack or G Suite account can join your Tettra account without an explicit invite.

Use Requests to flag gaps in your knowledge

Requests is an internal ticketing system that allows you to request new pages. Create the pages yourself or assign your knowledge experts. This allows you to build out your documentation based on what your team needs and helps reduce the likelihood of being asked the same question over and over again.

Build a custom knowledge system with Zapier

Do you have any weekly recurring meetings? Set up a zap to create a new page from a template at the same time each week. Your team can fill out the necessary info before your meeting to keep the agenda on track. 

Have a general inbox for receiving customer feedback? Forward the email to a zapier inbox and have the content of the email added to your Tettra account as a new page. Check out Tettra on Zapier for more ideas. 

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