15 Best Slack Apps & Integrations for Team Productivity

Alisha Shibli
Alisha Shibli
December 1, 2023
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Explore some of the best Slack apps available to help you streamline your workday. Check out the Slack App Directory to find them. 

1. Tettra

Use it for: Slack knowledge management, knowledge sharing, and team wiki 

Tettra is an AI-powered Slack wiki app that helps you curate important company information into a knowledge base, use it to answer repetitive questions in Slack and keep it up-to-date, organized, and complete with automation.

You’ll get answers from Kai, the AI-assistant, right inside of Slack. It saves your team, team leads, and managers a ton of time.

End the repetitive questions in Slack with the Tettra Slack app and integration. 

As one of the earliest Slack apps, the Tettra Slack integration allows users to seamlessly access and share Tettra knowledge directly within their Slack workspace.

Once installed, users can search for and share Tettra pages, create new pages, and receive notifications for new and updated pages all without leaving Slack.

Best features:

  • Streamlined knowledge sharing: The integration allows for quick and easy access to relevant information, reducing the need for employees to switch between different platforms or search through multiple sources for the information they need.
  • Improved collaboration: By integrating Tettra with Slack, teams can easily share knowledge, ideas, and feedback with one another, fostering a more collaborative and productive work environment.
  • Increased efficiency: The integration simplifies the process of creating and accessing knowledge, helping teams to work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately leading to improved outcomes and success.


  • Basic: Starting at $4 per user/month
  • Scaling: Starting at $8 per user/month
  • Professional: Starting at $12 per user/month

2. Polly

Use it for: Team culture & team building

Polly is a seamless survey and polling app for Slack you can use to gather valuable insights from your team. With Polly, you can create interactive polls and surveys in no time and watch as your team’s feedback rolls in real time. Not only do you get instant results, but you also access valuable analytics to make more informed decisions. Whether it’s checking in on your remote team or seeking opinions on new processes, Polly will be your time-saving simple poll sidekick for better communication and collaboration.

Best Features

  • Create quick surveys to check in with your team.
  • Get real-time insights on any specific question/decision.
  • It helps you save time compared to sending a mass email.

“It’s an excellent tool for polling the team about various things. Our team uses it on Slack. It’s customizable, which is very helpful. Whenever I’ve used it, I customized my poll. Highly recommended!”


3. Box

Use it for: File management and collaboration

Box is a cloud storage app that you can add to Slack. With this Slack integration, you can easily share files and collaborate with your team. You can also get notifications when files are updated, which can help you stay on top of your work. Box is one of the best Slack apps, as it is perfect for businesses of all sizes, ensuring secure content management and collaboration. Easily access and manage your Box content within Slack, saving time and keeping everything centralized. Your content stays in Box but is readily available for collaboration in Slack.

Best Features

  • Give collaboration permissions without leaving Slack.
  • Automatic uploads allow you to store all content uploaded via Slack UI in Box.
  • With Box File Picker, you can share content from Box in channels and direct messages without leaving conversations. 

“I like the fact that I can share in multiple different storage spaces (Google Drive, Slack, Office).”


4. Google Drive

Use it for: File management and collaboration

Like Box, Google Drive is another cloud storage app you can add to Slack. With Google Drive, you can store and share files and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets in real-time. Not only can you import existing files into channels and direct messages, but you can also search within shared files without leaving Slack. 

Automatic file access permissions ensure that only authorized individuals can view your documents. And to keep you in the loop, Slack sends updates on file changes, access requests, and newly shared files. 

Best Features

  • Allows you to import an existing file from Google Drive into a channel or direct message.
  • Get real-time updates on comments, access requests, and more directly in Slack.
  • Stay on top of your daily schedule and get up-to-the-minute reminders with Google Calendar.

5. Workast

Use it for: Project management

Stay ahead of the game with Workast’s excellent project management tools. Effortlessly create and delegate tasks using the /to-do command or shortcuts menu while keeping your tasks in check with /mytodo. Adding due dates and descriptions and completing tasks has never been easier.

Workast takes teamwork to the next level, offering custom forms for your team to submit via /forms and tailoring daily task reminders. Get the inside scoop with custom reports and periodic updates from @workast. And with Workast’s 2-way calendar sync, seamless integration with Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Outlook, and MS Exchange is a breeze.

Best Features

  • Quickly create tasks, assign them to team members, and track progress.
  • Get notifications when tasks are completed or updated.
  • Offers a simple one-click installation for your whole team.

“Easy integration with our business communication app Slack makes Workast versatile and efficient project management, team collaboration, and productivity software.”


6. Zoom

Use it for: Video & team communication

Zoom breathes life into your virtual workspace by adding a splash of personality to your remote meetings. As a video conferencing app that seamlessly integrates with Slack, Zoom empowers you to effortlessly schedule and join video meetings, share your screen, and collaborate with your team. Embrace the convenience of hosting and joining online meetings without ever leaving Slack.

Best Features

  • Get everyone on the same with a quick call instead of sending multiple emails.
  • Share your screen to illustrate your point better.
  • Option to record meetings and conferences, which can be helpful for future reference and share with others.

“I have never faced a video or audio quality issue with Zoom as compared to the other applications available in the market. Recording the call is super easy and handy as it helps us keep track of all the pointers discussed in any meeting.”


7. Trello

Use it for: Project management

Trello and Slack can be integrated to provide a streamlined workflow. With the /trello add command, users can create new Trello cards and add them to boards directly from Slack. Additionally, users can join Trello cards and boards, change due dates, and attach conversations all within the Slack interface. By inviting @Trello to a channel, users can automate card and board previews, including members, descriptions, comments, and more. Slack workspace members can join Trello workspaces and boards with a single click, making collaboration and information sharing across platforms a breeze.

Best Features

  • Create boards, lists, and cards to organize your work.
  • Assign tasks to team members and track progress.
  • Allow members in Slack to join your Trello workspace & boards in one click.

“It is great for small businesses, freelancers, and large businesses, and is easy to assign action items to people and collaborate in real-time, eliminating the need for having to search through endless email trails. I love that it also integrates with Slack.”


8. Standuply

Use it for: Standups & retro meetings

Have a remote team? Then you’ll want to take a look at Standuply. It offers a range of features to help teams improve productivity and collaboration. Individuals can receive productivity summary reports through Slack (in DMs/channels), email, or on the web. They can also track critical business metrics, team progress, performance, and employee satisfaction. 

Additionally, the platform enables teams to share goals, to-do lists with tasks, status meeting notes, calendar agendas, run polls and brainstorm. With multi-admin access, team members can share permissions and collaborate seamlessly. Finally, users can access best-in-class industry mentors to provide continuous education and support for their team and company.

Best Features

  • Run daily standup meetings and get updates from your team.
  • Option to run polls and surveys within Slack.
  • Option to answer questions via text, voice, or video messages.

“As a remote and distributed team, the integration with Slack is a huge time saver as this is where my team is. I don’t need to wake up early for a video call, team members respond on slack during their working hours. I got used to this work format and now I can’t even imagine how I used to overcomplicate things.”


9. Microsoft Team Calls

Use it for: Video & team communication

Microsoft Team Calls is a fantastic video conferencing app that seamlessly integrates with Slack. This app allows you to effortlessly schedule and join video meetings, share your screen, and collaborate with your teammates. While Slack is already a powerhouse for team collaboration, sometimes, you need a face-to-face conversation to get things done more efficiently.

That’s where the Microsoft Teams Calls app comes in handy! With just a few clicks, you can launch a Teams video call right within Slack, making the transition from text-based discussions to face-to-face calls a breeze.

Best Features

  • With Microsoft Teams Calls set as your default calling provider, anyone can start a video call in Teams with a quick click of the phone button in Slack.
  • Seamless transition from Slack straight into the meeting with a button click.
  • Start a call with your team in Slack with the /teams-calls slash command.

10. Dropbox

Use it for: File management

You can easily connect to the Dropbox and Slack integration to streamline your workflow. With this integration, you can easily share content to Slack channels or in direct messages directly from Dropbox. The integration lets you view your Dropbox file previews within your Slack conversations, making it easier to collaborate and discuss work with your team. 

You can also keep track of where work has been shared in Slack from file activity feeds in Dropbox, ensuring that you always know where your work has been shared and with whom. This integration is an excellent way to enhance your team’s productivity and streamline your workflow.

Best Features

  • Store and share files for easy access at all times.
  • Collaborate on documents and spreadsheets in real time.
  • Ability to write preview files within your Slack conversations.

“It is easily accessible from any device with an internet connection, making it convenient for users to access and manage their files from anywhere. We can integrate with other apps and services, such as Microsoft Office, Slack, and Zoom, allowing users to access and share files directly from those apps.”


11. WorkTango

Use it for: Employee Experience Enhancement & Feedback

WorkTango is an innovative Slack app integration designed to revolutionize the employee experience. It offers unique insights to managers, enabling meaningful recognition and enriching the overall workplace environment. The platform simplifies the process of gathering direct feedback from employees, setting up incentive programs, managing goal-setting and OKRs, and tracking 1:1 meetings between employees and managers. WorkTango is a one-stop solution for enhancing employee engagement and understanding within an organization.

Best Features:

  • Enables setting and tracking of goals and OKRs.
  • Facilitates the creation of surveys and deriving actionable insights.
  • Offers a vast catalog of employee rewards.
  • Provides comprehensive employee experience insights and reporting.

Work Tango is a fun, simple platform in which our Team is able to give and receive well-deserved recognition. Our core values are tied into the system which was fine-tuned just for our company. Team members on every level can recognize one another for going above and beyond, or on special occassions such as Birthdays and Work Anniversaries. The rewards are amazing – there is something for everyone!.

12. Deel

Use it for: Team Collaboration & Employee Recognition

Deel enhances Slack’s capabilities by turning it into a powerful team collaboration and community platform. It offers downloadable HR apps for time and task tracking, scheduling 1-on-1s, creating pulse surveys, and streamlining onboarding. Deel stands out for its ability to also function as an efficient rewards and recognition software, including features for managing PTO, running gamified referral programs, and facilitating targeted announcements and shout-outs.

Best Features:

  • Manages PTO and gamified referral programs directly through Slack.
  • Enables bulk-sending of targeted announcements.
  • Simplifies scheduling, preparation, and execution of 1-on-1s.
  • Promotes stronger team bonds with shout-outs and recognition features.

One of the standout features of Deel is its ability to simplify the complexities of global hiring. It streamlines the entire process, from onboarding international talent to managing payments and ensuring compliance with various regulations. The platform’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive support make navigating global hiring processes significantly more manageable and efficient.


13. Monday.com

Use it for: Project Transparency & Agile Management

The monday.com Slack app integrates project management directly into Slack, allowing the creation and updating of tasks and projects within Slack conversations. It provides seamless two-way communication by delivering monday.com notifications as Slack messages. This integration ensures that team members remain informed and focused, without the need to switch between applications.

Best Features:

  • Enhances project and task transparency.
  • Ideal for managing fast-paced and agile projects.
  • Facilitates task delegation and updates within Slack.
  • Keeps teams informed without disrupting workflows.

Monday.com’s ease of integration has streamlined our processes and allowed us to centralize our workflows and manage our development projects. The ease of use has allowed us to share boards with key external partners, which supports collaboration. Monday.com has become a tool that we use daily and continues to grow in importance as we learn more about its features.


14. Wrike

Use it for: Integrated Project Management

Wrike is a comprehensive online project management tool for Slack. It allows users to create tasks, receive real-time notifications, and enhance team productivity. Wrike excels at converting informal Slack chats into structured tasks, thereby elevating the collaboration experience. It’s versatile in automation, managing requests, proofing, data analysis, and reporting.

Best Features:

  • Integrates powerful project management functions into Slack.
  • Converts casual conversations into structured tasks effortlessly.
  • Allows quick task previews for efficient time management.
  • Provides instant notifications to keep the team updated.

15. Smartsheet

Use it for: Scalable Enterprise Work Management

Smartsheet is a robust Slack add-on that brings its advanced enterprise work management capabilities to your existing Slack environment. It’s designed to boost your project management efficiency while seamlessly scaling processes. Smartsheet is ideal for businesses focused on growth and scaling, offering increased collaboration, process efficiency, and automation.

Best Features:

  • Facilitates the building of strong, collaborative teams.
  • Enhances process efficiency and collaboration.
  • Enables automation of processes, projects, and tasks at scale.
  • Ideal for creating and managing large-scale processes.

Wrike is a flexible, robust tool that allows for a lot of customization. It’s easy to use, and the training, training, and support are some of the best I’ve seen. New features are being rolled out frequently – they’re very responsive to customer feedback, while still preserving a consistent experience and use of use.


How to Add Apps & Bots to Slack

Spice up your Slack experience by effortlessly adding apps and bots to boost productivity and enhance communication within your team. Any team member can integrate these nifty tools in just a few simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the Apps option in the left sidebar of your Slack desktop app.
  2. Go to Manage and Browse Apps
  3. Once you’ve found it, click Add, and you’ll be taken to the Slack Directory.
  4. Select Add to Slack and follow the prompts to complete the process.

When introducing a bot to Slack, make sure you have the proper permissions to add them to a channel. A Slack bot must be added as an administrator for it to function seamlessly.

  1. Decide which Slack channel the bot should operate in, click the channel name, and then select Admins.
  2. Opt for the Add Admins option.
  3. Locate the bot using the search bar, then click Add to bring them on board.

Why Use Slack Apps? – The Difference Between Slack Apps & Bots

If you’re using Slack, you’re already familiar with bots. These automated tools can perform simple tasks, like sending reminders or answering common questions. However, Slack apps take things to the next level. Here’s why you should consider using them:

Advanced functionality: While bots are great for simple tasks, apps can do more complex things. For example, they can integrate with other tools you use, like Google Drive or Trello. This means you can do things like create a new Trello card directly from Slack without leaving the app.

Better customization: A Slack app can be customized to fit your team’s specific needs. You can choose which features to enable or disable and even create your custom integrations. This means you can tailor Slack to work how you want it to.

Improved efficiency: Using Slack apps can streamline your workflow and save time. For example, you can use an app to automatically schedule meetings or track your team’s project management.. This means you can focus on more important tasks rather than getting bogged down in administrative work.

Increased collaboration: Slack apps help facilitate collaboration among team members. For example, you can use an app to create polls or surveys or to share files and documents. This means everyone can work together more effectively, regardless of their geography.