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Integrate Tettra with Microsoft Teams to search and share knowledge right inside your wiki.

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Tettra is a powerful wiki for Microsoft Teams that helps you answer repetitive questions and onboard new teammates faster. Connecting your wiki to your chat tool is the best way to make sure your team actually uses your documentation. Here are some of the ways we integrate with Microsoft Teams.

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Search for answers and share them right in your Microsoft Teams wiki

Search your knowledge stored in your wiki with Tettra’s Message Extension.

You can share your pages with the click of a button or stroke of the keyboard. Answering repetitive questions and sharing knowledge has never been easier with Tettra.

gif of tettra bot searching in microsoft teams

Let Tettra’s bot do your work for you

Use Tettra’s helpful bot to pull up pages easily right from your internal knowledge base for into your Teams, chats, and channels.

Just mention the @tettra bot to search your content, then share Card Pages into any channel or 1-on-1 chat that are completely viewable in Microsoft Teams.

screenshot of Tettra app embedded in Microsoft Teams tab

View wiki pages in Tabs

Switching between apps is a drag. Luckily, Tettra makes it easy to view all your knowledge right inside of your Microsoft Teams wiki app.

Choose a Tettra category and pin it as a Tab to a Microsoft Teams channel. Then, just click over to your Tab — and voilà! — your knowledge is right there in Teams for your entire team.

Compare Tettra vs. Microsoft Teams Wiki

 TettraMicrosoft Teams Wiki
Lightweight WYSIWYG editing
Markdown formatting
Syntax highlighting for code blocks
Emoji support 👍
Embed links with previews
Embed images
Embed files
Organization with categories and folders
Permissions & private spaces
Message Extension
Pages Mentions to interlink between pages
Automatic Table of Contents
In-built ticketing system to assign pages to team members
Import from Word and markdown files
Team usage analytics
Version history
Page viewers

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