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The Tettra Q&A platform captures team questions so that the right expert can answer it and save it for future reference.

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How It Works in Tettra

Answer once and re-use your answer

Always answering the same question is a waste of time. Instead of constantly repeating yourself, you can store answers in Tettra. Then your team can search and find them, or ask Kai, the Tettra AI assistant.

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Answer questions in Slack or Microsoft Teams

Answering questions in chat all day is exhausting. With Tettra, you can answer questions with existing content with a few clicks right in Slack or MS Teams.
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Instant Answers from Your Knowledge Base with Kai

Don’t answer the same questions in chat over and over. Direct teammates to ask Kai for immediate answers.

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Trusted answers from experts

Not knowing who to ask a question is frustrating and can lead to incorrect answers. Ask the AI assistant first, and then your knowledge experts in Tettra.
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4.6 star rating4.6 stars on G2

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