Say 👋 to Kai — Tettra’s AI Powered Knowledge Assistant

Andy Cook
August 30, 2023
Say 👋 to Kai — Tettra’s AI Powered Knowledge Assistant

TL;DR: Tettra has launched Kai, a friendly AI assistant that helps your team better manage and access company knowledge by instantly answering questions in Slack or Tettra, auto-tagging your pages to improve search results, and generating reusable answers from your existing content.

Existing customers can enable it now, new customers can get a demo.

You’ve likely seen how other knowledge management systems have rushed out AI features to try to improve workflows. Primarily via text generation, improved spell checking, or suggesting ideas for new articles.

While AI generated content can be helpful, we felt that more low quality wouldn’t improve knowledge management systems, but actually make them worse. We see a bigger opportunity to help knowledge managers leverage existing content to make it more findable, accurate, and useful day-to-day.

With that in mind, we designed Tettra’s new AI powered Knowledge bot Kai to help knowledge managers with three crucial tasks:

  1. Instantly answer repetitive questions in Tettra and Slack, or tap in an expert to answer
  2. Tag existing knowledge content with relevant topics, improving search results by making knowledge documents easy to find using plain language, and
  3. Preemptively generate reusable Frequently Asked Questions from your existing content to deflect future questions

These tasks are most likely to bog down knowledge managers, the team members who control and disseminate a company’s knowledge. They’re repeatedly asked the same questions, forced to provide already-documented information that can’t be found in search, and always trying to stay one step ahead of their colleagues by creating the answers they know they’ll be asked sometime soon.

Not only does this take a toll on knowledge managers and team leads by diverting them from their other responsibilities, but it slows down the other team members who are constantly having to shoulder-tap their colleagues to get information.

A New AI Powered Knowledge Workflow

These new features, combined with our existing knowledge management workflows, make it easy for knowledge managers answer their teammates questions quicker and easier than ever. This allows knowledge managers and subject matter experts can focus on their tasks, uninterrupted by unnecessary questions.

Here’s how Kai works with our existing knowledge workflow:

  1. Ask — When a team member has a question, they search in Tettra. Kai scours existing company documents to find the answer they need instantly, deflecting the question away from the subject matter expert. With the information easily discovered, the team member can complete their task and continue working undisturbed.
  2. Assign — If Kai can’t find the answer, or the answer doesn’t exist, it will assist the searcher in creating their question in Tettra’s intuitive Q&A system where it will be assigned to the proper subject matter expert to answer. And with notifications and reminders, Tettra ensures that questions are never left unanswered, helping everyone provide and use the needed information in a timely manner.
  3. Verify — After a question is assigned to them, the subject matter expert can answer that question once and only once. Now, when another team member asks the question again, Kai’s AI-powered search will provide the verified answer. Not only does this ensure your team is using accurate information, but it saves the subject matter expert from having to answer the same question over and over, avoiding wasted time and money, as well as preventing employee burnout.
  4. Use — With a knowledge base full of verified, discoverable information, your team can use Tettra’s AI-powered knowledge management system to easily find answers, meaning knowledge managers will only have to answer a question once, and only once.

Kai eliminates the constant barrage of repetitive questions leveled at knowledge managers, streamlining your operations and improving your team’s performance.

Want to see how Tettra & Kai can simplify your knowledge? Start your free 30-day trial.