What is Scribe and How Does It Work? (Overview & FAQ)

Josh Spilker
March 4, 2024
What is Scribe and How Does It Work? (Overview & FAQ)

What is Scribe?

Scribe (located at scribehow.com) is a smart process and guide builder designed to streamline the creation of step-by-step guides. 

It is a user-friendly tool designed to simplify the documentation of processes within a company.

What makes Scribe stand out from other software is its intuitive AI feature, which converts tasks into detailed, easy-to-follow instructions along with annotated screenshots. 

These guides give you a great starting point in terms of process documentation and can be customized to fit specific business needs and make for valuable resources, especially for training new team members or clients, and can be shared within the company’s knowledge base.

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How Does Scribe Work? 

With Scribe, you can record your on-screen actions, like clicks and movements, and convert them into detailed step-by-step guides complete with screenshots and text. As a team leader or manager, you have the flexibility to edit and share these guides with your team. 

Simply install the Scribe Google Chrome extension, and you’re ready to go. In just a few minutes, you can create recordings and convert them into clear instructions. 

This saves you time, allows you to build a strong knowledge base for your team, and organizes all your key company processes for maximum efficiency. 

Pros of Scribe

  • Streamlined documentation: With Scribe, creating step-by-step guides is a breeze. It automatically records processes as they happen, slashing the time and energy needed for documentation tasks.
  • Personalized touch: You have the ability to customize your guides with extra text, tweak screenshots, and add your company’s branding for a polished and professional look.
  • Easy sharing: Share your guides hassle-free with various options like shareable links, embeds, and formats like HTML or Markdown. This makes accessing and distributing guides a walk in the park.
  • Top-notch security: For those on the Enterprise plan, Scribe offers advanced security measures, such as auto-redaction of sensitive data and robust data governance, ensuring peace of mind regarding your company’s information.

Cons of Scribe

  • Advanced features cost: Although Scribe provides a free Basic plan, accessing its more advanced features and customization options means opting for a paid subscription. This could pose a challenge for individuals or small teams working with limited budgets.
  • Learning curve: Getting the hang of Scribe might take some time for new users. Understanding and making the most of its features, particularly the AI-generated documentation and customization tools, may require a bit of a learning curve.

Key Features:

  • Automatic guide creation: Scribe’s main strength is its knack for automatically recording any process, whether it’s happening on the web or your desktop. Just go through the process with the Scribe browser extension or desktop app, and you’ll have detailed guides ready to go, all without slowing down your work. Forget about taking notes or screenshots – Scribe’s got you covered, making documentation easy.
  • Customizable content: Recognizing the significance of keeping documentation on-brand, Scribe offers users the ability to personalize guides. You can add extra text, tweak screenshots, and hide sensitive info. Plus, you can include your company’s logo and colors, ensuring all documents, whether for internal or external use, stay consistent with your brand.
  • Secure sharing options: Scribe makes sharing guides easy by offering shareable links and PDF exports. This allows users to effortlessly share knowledge with team members, clients, or customers. Additionally, guides can be embedded in company wikis, learning management systems (LMS), or knowledge bases, ensuring accessibility right where it’s needed.
  • Scribe Chrome extension: With the extension, you can start documenting instantly without installing additional software, making it easier to use and encouraging regular usage.
  • Integration with popular platforms: Scribe easily exports guides to Confluence and Google Workspace, making collaboration smoother within existing workflows.

What are the Scribe Use Cases?

Teammate training: Worried if a coworker suddenly gets sick and you’re left hanging? This is one situation where Scribe truly shines. With its process documentation, you can quickly make a guide on how to handle their tasks. This keeps things running smoothly, even when there are unexpected hiccups. And because Scribe records every step, you can be sure everyone’s following the same playbook.

Process documentation made easy: Tired of taking forever to create SOPs? Scribe has your answer. Forget about the dull task of copying and pasting images. Simply start recording with Scribe, continue your work, and your document will be ready in minutes. Regular users say using Scribe can slash your documentation time by a huge 93%.

How much does Scribe cost? (Pricing)

Scribe offers different pricing plans to fit the needs of individuals, teams, and big companies. You can save 20% by choosing yearly billing.

Here’s a rundown of the plans:

Basic Plan

  • Ideal for: Individuals who want to try out Scribe’s basics on their web browser.
  • Price: Free

Key Features:

  • Works with any web app
  • Quick customization of guides
  • Easy to share via link or embed

Pro Plan

  • Ideal for: People and teams who want more features and options to customize their Scribes across any app, without limits.
  • Price:
    • Personal: Starts at $23 per seat/month if paid annually or $29 per seat/month if paid monthly
    • Team: $12 per seat/month (with a minimum of 5 seats) or $15 per seat/month if paid monthly

Key Features:

Includes everything from Basic, plus:

  • Works with any web, desktop, or mobile app
  • Branded guides
  • Ability to edit and redact screenshots
  • Export to HTML, Markdown, Confluence

Enterprise Plan

  • Ideal for: Companies that need top-notch security, compliance, and management features for multiple teams.
  • Price: Custom (Those interested should schedule a demo)

Key Features:

  • Includes everything from Pro, plus:
  • Automatic redaction of sensitive info
  • High-level data governance
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for setup and login
  • Central user and document management
  • Different types of licenses for creators, viewers, and admins.

How Can You Use Scribe?

Scribe is a great tool for anyone who wants to make documentation easier. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Onboarding new employees: Make visual guides to help new team members learn the ropes.
  • Building training documents: Create thorough training materials for your team.
  • Answering queries: Quickly answer questions using helpful visuals.
  • Developing SOPs: Write down standard operating procedures without any hassle.
  • Assisting customers: Give customers clear, step-by-step solutions to their problems.
  • Creating tutorials: Make detailed tutorials for software or processes.
  • Documenting processes: Capture and share how things get done within your team.

About Scribe

In 2021, Scribe raised $30 Million to build the first operating system for know-how. Founded by Jennifer Smith and Aaron Podolny, it received $30 million in funding, led by Tiger Global Management and Amplify Partners.

 The company’s objective was to optimize work processes within organizations by providing step-by-step guides with screenshots. Scribe has been adopted by startups and Fortune 500 companies and plans to expand its offerings and user base in the future.

In 2024, the company raised $25 million in a Series B funding round to automate internal knowledge capture. The company saw a remarkable 400% revenue growth in 2023, driving investor interest. The funding round was led by Redpoint Ventures, with participation from New York Life Ventures and existing investors Amplify Partners, Tiger Global, and XYZ Ventures.

Getting Started with Scribe

Scribe is super easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes.

  • Sign Up for Scribe: Visit the Scribe website and create a free account.
  • Choose a Plan: Decide between the free plan or the Pro plan. For larger organizations needing advanced features, consider the Enterprise plan.
  • Download Scribe Recorder: After signing up, download the Scribe Recorder which is available for both Mac and Windows. Note: it’s ideal to use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser.
  • Install the Chrome Extension: Open the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions. Launch the extension from your start menu.
  • Start Recording: When everything’s set up, start recording by opening the app you want to document and clicking on the Scribe recorder icon in your toolbar. Name your guide, choose a workspace, and hit “Start Recording.” Scribe will then create a guide with screenshots, instructions, and clicks automatically.
  • Customize Your Guide: After recording, you can customize your guide with text, images, and videos.
  • Share Your Guide: Share your guide directly from the Scribe website with your team members or clients.

For a detailed exploration of Scribe, including step-by-step instructions on how to leverage its full potential, visit Scribe’s official website.

Where do you store your SOPs and processes? Tettra.

Having all of your processes and guides recorded step-by-step is a great first action.

But where do you store all of these guides and info for your team?

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  • Q&A workflowhttps://tettra.com/internal-qa-software/Edit to capture questions
  • Knowledge management featureshttps://tettra.com/knowledge-management-system-software/Edit to keep content up to date.
  • Integrationshttps://tettra.com/integrations/Edit with Slack, MS Teams, Google Docs, Github and Zapier to help your team answer and capture knowledge quickly 

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