How People Operations & HR Teams Can Use Tettra

Ops and HR teams possess a wealth of knowledge that others in the company need on a regular basis. Without easily accessible information, operations and HR team members spend time fielding repetitive questions. Eliminate this repetition and bottlenecking with Tettra. By documenting important information in a centralized place, you free up your team’s time, streamline the onboarding process, and enhance your employee experience.


So many growing teams report that onboarding takes up a significant amount of time and bandwidth from both your People Ops and new employees. (link to blog post) Tettra helps make the onboarding process both more efficient and more effective. Well-documenting onboarding plans reduce time and confusion to make sure your new hires are ramped up as quickly as possible.

Since there are often many moving parts in a team’s onboarding process, it’s important to keep information in a central location. Build out an onboarding category and consider pinning a welcome page to the very top. When you invite a new hire to the team, you can direct them to this page straight from the invite. This makes it crystal clear what  you want your new hires to focus on.

Use this Welcome page as a directory of important resources. You can include in-line links to other Tettra pages or Google docs like a week 1 checklist. Populate your category with helpful information like company accounts, hardware setup directions, and popular lunch spots. You can even direct your new hires to fill out a templated “Get to Know You” page to introduce them to the rest of the company.

Standard Operating Procedures

If you’re working in People Ops or HR, you’re probably used to answering the same questions over and over again. Use Tettra as a repository for this information so your employees default to asking Tettra before reaching out to you.

Create a category for your standard operating procedures and include pages like “How to submit an expense report”, “What to do when a customer needs a refund”, and “How to order new office supplies”. Your employees can search directly from Tettra, or use the “/tettra find” slash command in Slack to reduce context switching.

If your employees are unable to find the information they need, have them create a suggestion and assign it to you. You can then respond to their suggestion with a pre-existing page, comment, or by creating a new page if necessary.

HR Policies and Guidelines

Oftentimes, employees read HR policies when they first join the team and don’t need to refer back to them for months or even years. But when they do need a refresher, those policies should be easy to find and navigate. Your employees will appreciate being able to search for company policies and practices with just a quick search through Tettra.

Set up an HR Category with pages that include an explanation of your benefits, how to contact insurance providers, vacation policies, and company holidays. To alert employees to changes, make sure to connect your category to a Slack channel. Whenever you update key information or add a new policy, you can send a notification through slack so the entire team is notified right away.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Bryan and I’m going to show you a few ways your Operations and HR teams can use Tettra to enhance the employee experience and minimize repetitive questions.

Onboarding is crucial to helping your new hires hit the ground running, and there’s a lot of moving pieces.

Set up an onboarding category with a welcome page. You can make sure your new hires are directed to that page when you send them an invite. Include in-line references to other Tettra pages like a week 1 checklist, a list of popular lunch spots, a page of company accounts, or a Get To Know You template.

Use Tettra to help cut down on onboarding times, and give new team members easier access to the info they need.

Standard Operating Procedures
Most Operations and HR teams are used to answering the same questions over and over again.

Set up a category for your Standard Operating Procedures so your employees default to asking Tettra before asking you. Include pages like “What’s the wifi password”, “How to submit an expense report”, or “Where to order new office supplies.”

With the Tettrabot, your team can search for these pages directly from Slack instead of coming to you with questions.

HR Guidelines
Whether your employees have been around for years or they’re brand new, they’ll appreciate being able to find important HR info with a quick search.

Set up an HR category with pages on insurance providers, benefits, vacation policies, and company holidays. When something changes, let your employees know by sharing updates in Slack.

Tettra will help everyone on your HR & ops teams gather and share info more easily!