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Google Docs Integration

Collect all your team’s Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and everything else into an internal wiki with Tettra.

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Many small teams start documenting their knowledge in Google Docs. At a certain point, though, they find they need a better solution: one designed expressly for documentation. This often happens when teams grow larger than 10-15 people. At 10-15 people, Google Drive becomes an unwieldy solution for housing internal documentation. If you’ve hit this point yourself, Tettra makes it easy to migrate over. Our knowledge management system integrates with Google Drive, so you call embed existing content in a Tetra page or reference it inline. You can even leverage our API to bulk import content into Tettra. The Tettra Google Drive integration helps you keep track of documents, maintain version control, and share info more easily.

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Search for and reference Google Docs directly from a Tettra page.

The Tettra Google Drive integration allows your team to quickly search for and link to docs in your Drive. Say  goodbye to time-consuming context switching; we do the work for you! Use the “#” key on any of your drafts, type in a search term, and then select the doc you’d like to reference. The inline reference shows you the type of file, as well as the file name.

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Embed your documents for easy collaboration and live editing.

Trying to show the content of your doc directly within Tettra? Easy peasy. You can embed your docs directly within a Tettra page, so that any updates to the document are reflected in real time. Simply click into the “+” editor menu, select “Embed”, and paste the link to your doc. Take it one step further by editing and commenting on the doc within the embed window itself.

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Use the groups you already have in G-Suite to set permissions.

Every team likes to have a sense of control. When you’re housing sensitive information, make sure you’re keeping it in the hands of the right people. While Tettra offers advanced permissioning already built in, the Google Groups integration takes it one step further. Use the groups you already have in G-Suite to set permissions on the category level.

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