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Tettra is a team communication tool for documenting processes, projects, and knowledge.

Cambridge, MA
Key People
Andy Cook, Nelson Joyce

Culture & Mission

We help businesses empower their employees to do their best work
Core values
We’re a team of makers in Boston, MA who take great pride in our work and want to create impactful and sustainable company. To do that, we believe that we should follow these "culture directives": Talk to customers Instead of guessing, try talking directly to a customer when you need to solve a problem. Prioritize customer impact Always try to prioritize doing things that directly help customers over things that make us feel good. Reduce scope before quality When making tradeoffs, always reduce the size or scope of a project before its quality. Share early and often We have the tendency to hide our work until we think it's perfect. Fight that urge and share your work, data, and ideas early and often. Stay curious Never assume something is unchangeable. Relentlessly seek the truth. Never assume someone is attacking you for asking questions. Don’t burn out It's a marathon, not a sprint. Use your time wisely, work hard while you're at work and live well when you're not. Be Inclusive Homogenous thinking can be dangerous. Seek other viewpoints, experiences, and backgrounds to enrich all the work you do.

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