One source of truth for quick & efficient support enablement.

Stop toggling between email, Slack, and product updates to find the answers you need. Tettra helps customer-facing teams organize their team’s internal knowledge.

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Don’t Forget What’s In Your Internal Documentation. Use Tettra.

Find answers quickly while on customer calls, chats or emails with AI-powered search

Even the most seasoned customer support managers don’t have every answer memorized. With the power of AI, your team can get answers right away in Tettra or Slack.

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Verify information for accurate results

An inaccurate internal knowledge base is useless. That’s why Tettra’s Verification tool reminds page owners to review their documents. With recurring updates, your team can trust that their information is never out of date.
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Link to anything that you need for support

Tettra is the central place to search for and find the support information you need. Link out to support docs, help information, product updates and more. Then search Tettra for the answers you need, when you need them.

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No answer? Tap the product expert

Ask questions to a product expert, right inside Tettra. Once it’s answered, everyone will have access it to it.
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Flip a Tettra category into an external site

Share information even with non-Tettra users. Create a stand-alone, public site. Use it for customer-facing help centers, partner documentation, and for new employee onboarding. Search it alongside your existing Tettra documentation and manage it all together.

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G2 badge 4.5 stars
4.5 stars on G2

All of your internal support documentation in one place.

Find correct answers in a short time with Tettra.

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