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GitHub Integration

Integrate with GitHub to reference issues and tasks directly from your company wiki.

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At Tettra, our product and engineering team relies heavily on using GitHub. We’ve found GitHub to be the cornerstone for most of the product teams using Tettra, so we wanted to make life a little easier for everyone (ourselves included). In comes the Tettra/GitHub integration to the rescue.

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Reference GitHub issues directly from a Tettra page

The Tettra GitHub integration allows you to search for and reference GitHub issues directly from a Tettra page. You no longer have to worry about searching through your repository for an issue, grabbing the link, and pasting it into your knowledge management system – we do the work for you to keep you from multi-platform fatigue.

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View high-level insight into linked issues without leaving the page

Our integration also uses helpful metadata to show you if the referenced issue is open (green icon) or closed (red icon). You can rest easy knowing you’ll never need to double check to see if this info is up to date; Tettra automatically updates your linked issues when they’ve been closed or opened.

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Manage your integration from your Team Settings

Edit which repositories your Tettra account is connected to at any time. Settings management is a breeze when you can alter these permissions and repositories quickly from the Tettra Team Settings page.

Our GitHub integration is just one facet of how Tettra works well for your Product and Engineering teams. For more information on how your team can use Tettra, check out our Product & Engineering Use Case page!