How CEOs and Founders Use Tettra

CEOs and founders hold a wealth of institutional knowledge. But how do you tap into this knowledge efficiently, especially as the team grows? Documenting knowledge in a sustainable and organic way can make all the difference! With Tettra, your CEO and founders can streamline the scaling process, send company-wide updates, and work on private projects before sharing them with the rest of your company.


Moving from the early start-up phase to scale-up phase is no easy task. Between hiring, funding, and communicating institutional knowledge, your founders have a lot on their plate. Tettra helps alleviate some of these tasks by fostering an organic feedback loop of knowledge.

With Tettra, your founders can populate categories with pages on company history, investors, and practical working knowledge. This practical know-how is critical as the team grows. Early-stage companies often find creative workarounds and use multiple tools to solve issues. When they start scaling, however, these “creative solutions” can be hard for new folks to pick up.

The best part is you don’t have to just leave it to your founders to anticipate all the questions your new employees might have. Tettra’s built-in ticketing system allows your employees to create suggestions when they can’t find the answers they need. Those who hold institutional knowledge can then respond with a comment, a pre-existing page, or create a new one if the answer to the question has not yet been documented.

Company Updates

Some topics and decisions are received best when they’re coming from your company’s leaders. Use Tettra to document these decisions and communicate them transparently with the rest of your company.

Create a category of company-wide updates so this historical information is kept in one place for easy accessibility. When your CEO needs to send an update, he or she can create a page in an invite-only category for collaboration with other company leaders. When you’re ready to publish your update, simply move the page to your Company Updates category and trigger a slack notification. This will push the update to the connected Slack channel so your team will be notified right away.

Private Projects

Whether you’re planning a super secret event to celebrate a company milestone or working with more sensitive information, Tettra’s got you covered. You can create a private category for your C-level team to work from. By setting the category to invite-only, you ensure that only the right people see this information.

If you decide you’d like to make this information public in the future, you have a few options. You can set up a shareable link which will give access to the page to anyone who has it. Or if you’d like to change the pages permissions entirely, simply move it to a category that’s already set to public.  

Video Transcript

Hi I’m Bryan and I’m going to show you a few ways founders and CEOs use Tettra to scale their teams, share company-wide updates, and manage private projects.


Knowledge sharing is crucial as you grow and start to delegate tasks. You might not be sure what to document at first, and that’s ok! Let your team help you out.

Encourage people to make suggestions and assign them to you when they can’t find the information they need. You can respond with a comment, pre-existing page, or by creating a new page directly from the suggestion.

Your knowledge will grow organically, and you can delegate tasks with confidence.

Company updates

Your employees will appreciate hearing directly from the CEO on any major, team-wide updates. Tettra acts as a hub for all of your announcements and related information.

For instance, if you’re implementing a new way of hiring contractors, embed your contractor agreement right on the page. When you’re ready to share this with the company, push a notification into Slack, so everyone is aware of the change.

Private projects

Maybe you’re working on a surprise company outing to celebrate a major financial milestone.

With Tettra’s advanced permissions, you can work on this project in an invite-only category. When you’re ready to share with the rest of the team, move your page to a public category.

Let Tettra help you scale yourself, communicate with the team, and house the details of important projects.