How Agencies Use Tettra

Tettra is a great tool for agencies to use to keep track of their own procedures and client projects. With our advanced permissions and user roles, you can share select documentation with your clients while making sure your own documents are secure. You can also keep track of any changes to the account with detailed weekly digests, or link to existing Google assets with a quick search. Tettra allows you to grow your own documentation as well as collaborate with your clients. 

Share client-specific information without giving access to your entire account

Our advanced user roles and permissions help you manage your content and users. With our invite-only categories and Guest user role, you can get clients involved while maintaining peace of mind. When you’re collaborating with a client, invite them as a guest, give them access to a specific category, and watch as your built-in communication flow leads to a long-lasting relationship. 

Clients are much more likely to trust your expertise when they can see outlines, progress, and goals in real time. Create a category for your client and add everything they need to know about the project there. You can easily share updates with them as pages are added or changed. If your client needs to give you feedback, they can easily comment on a page or edit it themselves. 

Keep tabs on multiple clients pages at a time

If you’re working with multiple clients, it can be easy for information to be lost in the shuffle. Tettra helps you keep track of those updates with daily/weekly digests, an easy-to-read recent activity feed, and Slack channel notifications. 

Whenever a page is updated or created, you’ll see it pop up in your weekly or daily digest. This allows you to see changes at a glance and keep tabs on progress your teammates are making with your clients. If you miss the daily digest, the recent activity feed will save the day! It’s the first page you see when you login, so it’s tough to miss. 

Tettra also allows you to set up Slack notifications so you don’t have to keep Tettra open in a tab. By connected a client category to a specific Slack channel, you can send updates to the channel whenever a page or suggestion is created. Invite other teammates working with the same client to the Slack channel so everyone stays on the same page. 

Use the G Suite integration to avoid switching back and forth between tools

Our G Suite integration helps you bridge the gap between your Google assets and your Tettra documentation. While you can keep client projects in Tettra, there may be times when you need to create a google slide deck or collaborate with your customer on a Google doc. Tettra allows you to embed your slide decks, sheets, etc. and even gives you an easy way to quickly link to a Google doc directly from any page.