How Marketing Teams Can Use Tettra

Marketing teams tend to act as a hub for many cross-functional projects. For instance, a product launch might involve many groups: input from the product and engineering teams that built it, answers to FAQs for the support team that will support it, buy-in from the PR or legal teams that need to sign off on it, and resources for the sales team that will sell it. The marketer who’s running point on this product launch has a lot on his or her plate!

Smart marketers recognize the value of good documentation. With good documentation, everything’s in one place. It’s unnecessary to field the same questions again and again. Good documentation also makes it more likely that launches and campaigns will go off without a hitch. Tettra supports marketing teams by serving as a hub for the most important information and resources.

Project Management

Project management is central to every high-functioning team. Tettra simplifies project management for even the most complex marketing campaigns and initiatives. We make it easier to plan ahead, delegate tasks, juggle a variety of tools, and keep everyone in the loop on a project’s status.

With Tettra, you can manage everything in one place. Set up a page or folder for each of your marketing campaigns. From there you can set deadlines and delegate projects to each of your team members by @ mentioning them. You can even search for and reference other Tettra pages that take a deeper dive into each part of the campaign.

When you set your teammates as owners for these pages, you encourage them to share early and often. Tettra facilitates this with integrations to tools the team is already using.

Is your Creative team writing copy in Google docs? They can use the Google Drive integration to reference those docs or embed them directly in Tettra where they’re updated in real time. They can even embed their videos so the rest of the team can provide feedback before release. Is your team manager presenting the results of your campaign to the rest of the company? Have them embed their Prezi deck or Databox dashboard so the team is kept in the know.

Brand Assets

It’s normal for your brand assets to be updated periodically. This helps keep your brand fresh and your clients happy. The drawback, however, is that the rest of your company might not know where to find up-to-date versions of your logos, brand colors, or icons. If you’re like most Marketing teams, a significant portion of your time is spent fielding the same questions over and over again.

With Tettra, stop devoting your team’s valuable time answering repetitive questions. Create a folder to hold all of you brand assets in one place. Anytime you make future changes, push a notification over to Slack so everyone is on the same page! This empowers your coworkers to default to Tettra first before they reach out to your team.

Competitive Intelligence

It’s important for your Marketing and Sales teams to be informed about competitors’ pricing and features. By keeping this information in one place, it’s easier to respond to questions about how your product stacks up.

Here at Tettra, we keep a folder in our Sales category for our battlecards (yes, we’re suckers for games as well as knowledge). When we learn about a new competitor, we draft a quick battlecard with screenshots and any relevant details. Your Sales and Marketing teams can use this format to keep an eye on the competitive landscape. If someone notices you’re missing a competitor, it’s quick and easy to create a Suggestion for a new battlecard and assign it to your Marketing team.

For a firsthand example of how marketing professionals use Tettra, take a look at our spotlight piece on how Process Street shares knowledge and checklists.