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More than ever before, we have instant access to information and other people. In seconds, we can find answers, connect with people, and share our voice with the world.

But when we go to work, these same tasks are frustrating, complex, or impossible. We can’t find answers quickly. Barriers between us and our teammates makes it hard to share and collaborate.

It’s time our work lives caught up to the rest of our lives. It’s time to stop searching for how to do our jobs and instead start maximizing our ability to do them well.

Want to see how Tettra can help your team grow and thrive?

Our Product

We've experienced first-hand just how powerful an open and transparent culture can be, so we built our internal knowledge base software to help enable that for teams around the world.

For high-performance teams, Tettra makes it easy to organize and share collective knowledge because it connects to the systems you already use.

We know how collaboration tools like Slack, Github, and Google Docs have enabled knowledge creation. So we built Tettra to work hand-in-hand with them to reference the knowledge already created in those platforms.

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Our Values

We’re a team of makers who want to create an impactful and sustainable company.

To do that, we trust the people on our team to make good decisions using our "operating guidelines."

Talk to customers

Instead of guessing, try talking directly to a customer when you need to solve a problem.

Ask questions

Relentlessly seek the truth. Never assume something is unchangeable.

Find answers

Be curious. Use all the information and data at your disposal to answer questions.

Start small

Ship something useful as fast as possible. Validate then iterate. Learning fast > being right.

Share early and often

We have the tendency to hide our work until we think it's perfect. Fight that urge and share your work, data, and ideas early and often.

Optimize for the long term

Don’t burn out. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Build systems and use your time wisely. Patience is a competitive advantage.

Celebrate results together

Remember to take time to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and learnings. We’re all in this together as a team.

Our Team

Tettra's made with ❤ in Boston and Melbourne.

Andy Cook
Andy Cook
Co-founder & CEO
Shauni Deshmukh
Shauni Deshmukh
Nelson Joyce
Nelson Joyce
Co-founder & CPO
Bryan Imke
Bryan Imke
Customer Champion
Oscar Morrison
Oscar Morrison
Software Engineer
Kelsey Harris
Kelsey Harris
Senior Software Engineer

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