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Recteq & Tettra: E-commerce Case Study

Tettra helped convert Recteq Grills their internal knowledge from paper binders to a searchable, easy to update digital repository of product information.

Recteq is an ecommerce business that sells lifestyle products including grills, coolers, tumblers, condiments, and apparel. Founded in 2009, the company has scaled quickly and is currently in a growth stage with frequent product updates and new releases.

The Problem

It’s critical that Recteq team members have quick and easy access to information about the company’s wide catalogue of products. Initially, the company centralized that information in physical binders assembled by media associates.

“We have so much information that our associates need to know,” explains Aaron Stone, Recteq’s Customer Service Training Supervisor. “They need access to information about product sizes, weights, shipping times, what comes with what, how to fix this or that.” When that information lived in physical binders, any product updates or shifts necessitated physical changes to dozens of binders.

“It was a lot of labor and a lot of paper,” says Aaron.

Recteq needed to digitize its product information, so associates could easily find the critical, up-to-date details they needed.

The Solution

Recteq partnered with Tettra to digitize its knowledge management. “Tettra is like an ever-changing version of the binders,” says Aaron. “We have all our information on there. Whenever something changes, we can make one quick change on Tettra instead of rounding up 30 binders.”

Getting started was easy: the Recteq team scanned their physical binders into Tettra, and the bulk of the work was done. “Once [information] was in Tettra, the search feature was really easy to use,” says Aaron. “I had no problem transitioning.”

Tettra now serves as a frequently-updated digital repository of all product and client information. In addition to storing product specs in Tettra, Aaron and his team can share longer explanations and guides that help the customer service team assist customers. “If there’s a component that’s giving people trouble, I’ll write up a little essay on it and give our team a breakdown of how to handle it,” says Aaron. “That way, they can go by that guide when they’re on the call with customers.”

recteq grills on grass

Similarly, Recteq stores step-by-step guides for customer diagnostic tests in Tettra. These roadmaps make it easier for customer service team members to complete their jobs more effectively.

The team, which communicates internally mainly via Slack, takes advantage of Tettra’s integration with Slack.

“We use Slack and Tettra hand-in-hand. That makes finding information seamless.”

The Results

Partnering with Tettra has facilitated the Recteq team’s ability to find and utilize important information, which has become essential as the company scales.

recteq team

“We are in a growth stage, so things are changing really quickly,” says Aaron. “We’re standing on quicksand; things change daily. I’m in Tettra changing shipping maps, box sizes, wait times, etc. on a daily basis.”

Tettra has become business-critical for Recteq, and consulting the platform has become an integral part of company culture.

“We really use it as a bible, if you will. Our mantra is, ‘if you have questions, check Tettra.’”

That ease of access to salient information has made the Recteq team more accountable. Team members no longer need to flip through giant binders to find the information they need. Instead, they can go to Tettra—and find exactly what they’re looking for with just a few clicks.

“Tettra offers a super easy way to keep information in front of you,” says Aaron. “It’s easy to edit, it’s easy to give editing and administrative permissions, and it’s really quick and intuitive. I’d recommend it to anybody.”