Communication Plan

The best teams make a plan for communicating change. Use this communication plan template to help your team.

Growing teams experience a lot of change. Roles shift frequently, areas of focus expand, and processes get implemented or refined. When handled poorly, change can be scary, difficult, or even cost you some of your best teammates. When handled well, change can fuel excitement, personal growth, and company success. The best teams pay close attention to how they communicate change, so that it helps, rather than hinders performance.
We’re big fans of Slack, so we loved seeing this tweet from Julia Grace, Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Slack: “Never YOLO the communication plan. Never.” The communications plan is important enough that it deserves forethought. Good managers know they shouldn’t just wing it.
Instead, take time to document your plan in an intentional way. Map out what you need to say, why it matters, who’s involved, and when the change will happen. By informing people in a more intentional, organized way, you’ll minimize stress and help everyone get on board. This means everyone will be more successful navigating the change, and you’ll build a more high-performance team.
This template was originally shared by Julia Grace. Side note: we also love her comment about documentation: “Manager pro-tip: if you do something three times, create a template.” We couldn’t agree more, Julia. We built Tettra’s template feature to make this process easier for managers everywhere.