A battlecard template for sales teams to easily reference competitors while talking to customers.

Competitive Battlecards are short, easy to read reference documents for sales people that position your product against competitors. They objectively compare your products strengths and weaknesses against a specific competitive product on the market.
A good battle card is easy to scan, and will provide a sales person with specific information about a competitor along with honest assessments and customer testimonials about how you stack up against a competitor.
The best way to learn what should be on your product battle card is to ask your sales reps about what’s resonating with customers during sales conversations. If you talk to enough sales reps on your team you’ll start to see the patterns about what you need on your battle cards.
Battle cards are important because the average number of competitors is increasing every year. They give your sales team a quick reference while on the phone or chat about what’s better between you and a competitor.