Best Guru Alternative for Knowledge Base

Too much money? Too many cards? Get a Guru knowledge base alternative that is simple to set up and every department can use.

Free to start, no credit card required.

Why Tettra for Knowledge Management?

slack integration

Find answers directly in Slack

Create your pages in Tettra and then answer questions right inside Slack.
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slack integration

Cards? Get pages with real answers.

Don’t get stuck with old answers to your most pressing questions. Content suggestions in Tettra will point your team to the unowned, stale, and public pages that need a quick refresh. That’s better.

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content suggestions
questions and answer system

Find and replace the knowledge gaps

What’s missing? Route questions to the right expert so they can answer asynchronously, then show them appreciation with thank you’s. This is so much harder to do in Confluence.
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questions and answer system

Verify this single source of truth

Are you creating static pages outside of Guru because you can’t trust the content? No more. You need a single source of truth. Subject matter experts can confirm that important pages are accurate. Your team can also request updates if something doesn’t look right.

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verify content in tettra
tettra is simple and easy to use

Easy UI/UX for Everyone

Product, biz ops, marketing, customer support. Your whole can use Tettra. Really. Create content with Tettra’s simple editor, or use existing Google Docs, markdown files, and more to build your knowledge base.
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tettra is simple and easy to use

Teams of all types use Tettra to organize scattered knowledge

Choose A Guru Alternative For Your Whole Team

Tettra makes it easy for your team to find the information they need, when they need it.

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