Best Sharepoint Alternative for Knowledge Management (Free to start)

Complicated microsites? No thanks. Find a Sharepoint alternative that can empower real knowledge sharing with Tettra.

Free for 10 users, no credit card required.

How Tettra is Different than Sharepoint

Easily edit & update pages

Your knowledge management can get clogged without ongoing maintenance. Content suggestions in Tettra shows you unowned, stale, and public content that need a quick cleanup.

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content suggestions
questions and answer system

Find and replace the knowledge gaps

Avoid bugging people to update Sharepoint. Route questions to the right expert so they can answer asynchronously, then show them appreciation with thank you’s.
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questions and answer system

Verify your content by your in-house experts

Is this page current? Not knowing if a page in Sharepoint is up to date is frustrating when you need a single source of truth. Subject matter experts can confirm that important pages are accurate with regular verification. Request updates if something doesn’t look right.

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tettra is simple and easy to use

Easy UI/UX for Everyone

Don’t choose a tool that HR loves but is hard to maintain. Meet in the middle. Find a solution your whole org can really use. Create content with Tettra’s simple editor, or link to existing Google Docs, integrate with MS Teams/Slack, and more to build your knowledge base.
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tettra is simple and easy to use

Teams of all types use Tettra to organize scattered knowledge

Get the Sharepoint Alternative Your Whole Team Will Use

Tettra makes it easy for your team to find the information they need, when they need it.

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