Say goodbye to repetitive questions

Tettra is an internal knowledge base with smart workflows to help you answer repetitive questions


See what Tettra can do for you

Tettra helps you document important processes, policies, and procedures in one centralized place. This makes onboarding new teammates much faster and answering questions less repetitive.

Used by high-performance teams around the world

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Why you need Tettra

The way we work has changed

Most of our time is spent in cloud apps. As software continues to eat the world, the amount of information we create and the number of tools we use continues to rise.

Knowledge is scattered

With all this information comes downsides. This fragmentation of tools and teams makes it tough to share context and agree on the best decisions, especially cross-functionally.

There's a better way

On growing teams, your best employees shouldn't be bogged down by repetitive questions. To move fast, everyone needs access to the same information and principles.

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We used to primarily use Google Drive for file sharing, which got messy quickly as we added new employees. Migrating to Tettra has changed the way we communicate entirely. It’s intuitive to use and easy to update, while keeping our whole company on the same page.
Caroline Katsiroubas, Marketing Director, Freight Farms

How Tettra is Different

Most existing internal knowledge bases fail, here’s how we fixed it

1. Reference, don't recreate

Your internal knowledge base will only be successful if everyone contributes to it. Tettra makes it easy for anyone to contribute knowledge by referencing content in other systems.

2. Workflows to keep content updated

Instead of forcing you to spend hours keeping track of updates, Tettra has a suggestions engine that can tell you what content should be added or updated as well as what content is no longer relevant.

3. Accessible where you need it

If your knowledge base is not easily accessible in your normal workflows, it’s easy to forget to reference it. That’s why we built Tettra to connect to your chat tools.

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Tettra helps us eliminate information silos throughout the org, which reduces ramp time for hires, increases collaborative productivity, and ultimately ensures we're moving as quickly as we can in growing the business.

Patrick Campbell, ‎Co-Founder & CEO at Profitwell