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Tettra is an internal knowledge base and expert system that helps you organize your team’s knowledge and reuse it to answer repetitive questions.

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A knowledge management system your team will love

Tettra’s smart workflows make it easy to document important answers in one centralized place and helps you keep them up to date.

This makes onboarding new teammates much faster and answering questions less repetitive.

Purpose-built for growing teams

Create your knowledge base in no time

Write your pages in Tettra's simple editor. Or use your existing Google Docs, markdown files, and more to build out your knowledge base.

Tap your experts (without tapping their shoulders)

Automatically route questions to the right expert and let them answer asynchronously. Then let the asker show their appreciation with thank yous.

Content you can trust

Keep your knowledge updated and organized. Regularly ask your experts to verify that pages are still accurate. Let your team suggest updates to pages, then merge them in. Get automatic suggestions to archive old pages.

Works where your team already works

Search your team's collective knowledge right from Slack and Microsoft Teams. Send notifications for new or updated pages into chat so your team actually reads what you write.

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Tettra helps all teams grow and thrive together.
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