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Share knowledge with Tettra’s simple interface. Create new content or use existing Google Docs, files, and more. Software for your most important policies, procedures, and documents.

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Improve Knowledge at Your Business with Tettra

tettra is simple and easy to use

Knowledge sharing for each team

Improve your business communication. Get knowledge management for client support, process management, and company policies.
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tettra is simple and easy to use

Already in Slack or MS Teams? Share answers with Tettra.

Use the direct integrations with Tettra to create a new or find an existing answer. Send notifications for new and updated pages so your team reads what you write. Nothing gets lost and you have another layer for improved communication.

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questions and answer system

Tap your experts (without tapping their shoulders)

Route questions to the right expert so they can answer asynchronously, then show them appreciation with thank yous.
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questions and answer system

Content your team can trust

Experts on your team can confirm that important pages are accurate with regular verification. See a problem or need clarification? Request updates if something doesn’t look right.

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Embed Google Docs

Embed or link to your files

Tettra can take you directly to the source. Embed Google Drive files or link to outside files.
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Embed Google Docs

Use Tettra to organize scattered knowledge for better business communication.

Dive deep on knowledge management

Your Source for Knowledge Management

Take your communication to another level. Tettra makes it easy for your team to find the information they need, when they need it.

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